View Full Version : Which J.B. PPRuNe'r would ya like to meet?

1st Apr 2002, 05:26
Well, my first choice would be Flaps.

She be a sexy challenge. (All that pink stuff and the liberal look at life)
Interesting to communicate with as well.

Next, hmm, Velvet and min and them other J.B. gals.

Then Mr. Fyne and Mr. Draper and some of them Aussie guys.

Mr. HMonster and Mr. Woo would also be on the list. (If they be in a good mood that day..)
As well as other misfits and local J.B. folks.

Incidentaly and unfortunately, I am being transfered to a New York crew base in May, and will be flying to Europe in the future instead of South America.
Including London, Manchester, Glasgow, and other heavy PPRuNe spots.
Would like to do mini-bashes over a pint over there.


1st Apr 2002, 06:11
Definitely Commissar Draper.
Talked to him many times on the phone, but yet to meet him & the hound.

Cyclic Hotline
1st Apr 2002, 06:26
Then you need to go to attend a PPRuNE bash Towerdog!

All of these nice people are even nicer in real life!


1st Apr 2002, 06:44
I would love to meet Moritz Suter.

In a dark alley.

At night.

While I was carrying a large stick.

1st Apr 2002, 07:16
Hey Moritz is ok in my book. I think you just have to take most of what he/she says with a large pinch of Salt. I am sure he/she says the things he says for effect.
Some of you who read the afterlife thread will know how understanding he/she was when he/she realised the reason for the thread.
He/she is ok in my book nothing wrong with a little controversy.

As to who I would most like to meet, well some I already have so if they are ommited I havent forgotten you.

Tony Draper: he always has a lot to say.
Flaps for the obvious reason.
min: Seen her picture and wanted to meet her
Cleo: met her in chat but would love to meet her in the flesh so to speak.
Blue diamond: for personal reasons, wish I had met her when I lived in Perth WA
Tartan Gannet: to compare notes on vasectomies:)
Celtic Emerald: for personal reasons again
Judy T Texas: had a long chat one night when I couldnt sleep and she cheered me up no end
Flying Lawyer: for his offer of work experience and good advice
Binoculars: for her wise words
Feeton Terrafirma: To ask him why he had a cyber affair with Techchick or whatever she called herself then.

Last but not least Moritz Suter. Now I have met the real Mr. Suter when I worked for BAe and a nice chap he is, but would love to meet the cyber persona, and if it is, as has been postulated, a young woman I would love to engage her in pillow talk, and if a bloke we could discuss over a beer or two what are his reasons for disliking the Brits so much.

The list could be endless and if I missed anyone sorry but the one ppruner who I have met who is wise and kind and I fancy her like mad is Velvet. Hope we meet soon after you get back from Australia hon. :) :)

A Comfy Chair
1st Apr 2002, 08:27

It was his brilliant wit that got me interested in JB to start with, and I quiver with anticipation when I see he has made a post :D

1st Apr 2002, 11:24
Definetley Herr Draper!! :cool:

1st Apr 2002, 12:02
3rd time lucky - Definitely Herr Draper :)

Seriously tho, far too many names to mention - definitely most of the inhabitants of JB and Chat, with the odd exception.

Would be nice to find out if the real personas actually match what I've come to see them as - maybe at the Xmas Gatbash?? :)


Tom the Tenor
1st Apr 2002, 12:25
This is a nice thread. I would like to meet and speak with and say hello to all the GatBash PPRuNers that I did not get around to saying hello to at Gatwick last Christmas.

Send Clowns
1st Apr 2002, 13:05
AS many others here, I am intrigued to meet Mr Draper. How about attending one of the bashes, Draper?

Brit Abroad
1st Apr 2002, 13:22
Mr Draper - Always makes me smile. And I like the fact he doesn't take himself (or these forums) too seriously !

Huggy - We already briefly met at one of the early bashes (the one that Stan Sted organised so well) and enjoyed his company and his taste in shirts !

Celtic Emerald - Always enjoy her posts and little anecdotes !

Would also love to meet some of our Aussie friends. - Have just read Bryson's "Down under", and the land of Oz sounds cooool !

tony draper
1st Apr 2002, 13:44

One is a anonymous foot square grey box in Dannys celler, where human males normaly have a nob, Draper has but a mains lead dangling.

bzzzz click bzzz click, dammit! thermal runaway again, switchin to backup boss.

1st Apr 2002, 18:09
Hmmmm.... who would I like to meet?

NOT TELLIN' YA!!!!!! ;)

Nahhhhh, just kiddin'... I'd love to meet 'Min', 'atcbabe', 'Dubs', 'TONYYYYYYYY DRAPER!!!' (WOW!!! Tony...ur very popplier aintcha?? Must be the NewcastleBrownCharisma ooooozin' outta ya huh?? ;) ) 'Geena', 'BigRed'L', 'GashHandlin', 'NsR', 'Flaps', 'Locky', 'Whiz', 'OB', 'MoritzSuter', 'ORAC', 'CaptVege' an' 'DannyTheCow' (haha)

Awwww... I wanna meet 'em all!!! (Soon.... maybe!!! ;) )

1st Apr 2002, 19:28
I would love to meet Capt IF Snailtrails.
However, the chances of that fade with every passing day.

Met most of the people I want to. Bashes are great :D

New people include Geena, Slasher, Tony Draper, Locky, Min, Pants and the rest of the Ozmate crew!

People I want to catch up with again. Checkboard, Jazzi, Jarse, Ozmatebugsmasher and the members of the Panel! :D
Gees, how could I leave out Sprucegoose? :D And of course Ykikamoocow ;)

Gash Handlin
1st Apr 2002, 19:54
well I've met a lot of the people I chat to, those still to meet are Locky, Geena, Brite n breezy, mel, some of the oz contingent - min, pvc...

theres actually quite a long list but the main theme seems to be the women :D

1st Apr 2002, 21:13
I'm with redsnail on this one - especially the Australian contingent, and most particularly the ones that are larger than life.

1st Apr 2002, 21:23
I looked in the mirror and thought.."who the hell else do I need to know?"

Kidding! PVC pants, Oldboy, Captain vegemite, the list goes on...most of the chat room, my mom, my booking agent, all the people that have abused me on Pprune................

Send Clowns
1st Apr 2002, 21:46
Certainly agree with Reddo - would love to meet Geena, but I hear she may be at Gatbash?

Moritz Suter
1st Apr 2002, 21:58
Well, lets see now.

I'd like to meet Unwell Raptor, because every so often he writes something so funny that I soil my trousers with laughter. I'd like to meet Miss Forty, if only to convince her that she has me all wrong. I'd also like to meet Mr. Gannet, who strikes me as an interesting chap, both erudite and polite in equal measure, but above all and especially, I'd like to meet Mr. Hugmonster.

I have a wonderful new and improved version of Preparation H made right here in beautiful Switzerland, and I'm sure it'll be just the ticket to take the edge of those grapes of wrath, eh Huggy?


PS Mr. Dog, does the JFK base mean you'll be visiting us here in Zürich? Hope so, got a lovely alpine retreat to take you to, with food and wine fit for a King! Consider youself invited!

PPS Thank you, Mr. Rover.

Gash Handlin
1st Apr 2002, 22:55
Nose First Everytime, not to say hello, just to put his lights out. tosser

bugg smasher
2nd Apr 2002, 00:47
Welcome to the ‘hood Tower Dog, drop me a line when you get settled in, be happy to show you some of the seedier joints in the area. Any of you NAT drones out there interested in a ManhattanBash?

Would consider it a great honor to share a bottle of Port with the two Wise Men of Pprune, Davaar, Paterbrat, and Draper…three Wise Men, Davaar, Paterbrat, Draper and Black Sheep…, four, we have four…

There was also a very interesting thread last summer concerning Chief Pilots, wonder where HoltCJ, Devil’s Advocate, tilii, Darth Vader’s Love Child, and Norman Stanley Fletcher are…

Hey Slasher, we’re not done yet, you still out there?

Since Zurich has just been voted the most expensive city on the planet, the only way I would consent to meet Tricky Woo is if it was on his company expense account, and only then if he brought along Moritz and her kid sister.

Moritz Suter
2nd Apr 2002, 00:57
My Dear Mr. Smasher,

My sister has yet, I'm afraid, to be released from the Swiss National Asylum for the Terminaly Nymphomaniacal. In the meantime, however, I have in mind a number of SUBstitutes!

Oh, and by the way, Mr. Woo does't yet qualify for an expense account. I do, though!


bugg smasher
2nd Apr 2002, 01:33
M’Lady Moritz,

I may have met your sister, I think she is my neighbor.

But more importantly (and don’t call me Shirley), is it possible the fiery beast has been tamed, the flames of retribution quenched, the vision dimmed; has the very stink of civility trapped thee in its wicked and wily ways, has it truly adorned thine proud and unruly shoulders with an ignoble and suffocating crown of gorse??!! Is Hillary really gay!!? All of these questions, so few answers, it’s more than a man can take…

Please tell me this is not so, my Swiss dumpling, many things I can bear, but not, please, not this!

Moritz Suter
2nd Apr 2002, 02:15
Blast yer, and Damn yer, Mr. Smasher !

...To be boiled in an oil so foul as to offend the nostrils of yer most hated relative...!

How dare you, Mr. Smasher, impugn me reputation so slanderously as to suggest a softending of me ways!

Well might yer think that I've slackened, but hark ye well, villain, I'll dangle yer left testicle in raucously overheated oil 'afore I'll hear you sling that vile insult in my direction again!

MS. (robustly and with feeling)

2nd Apr 2002, 02:38
No one's mentioned The Guv? :p


2nd Apr 2002, 02:56
Well, lets get back on track from the MS hijack -

I'd like to meet ORAC, Ed Winchester, Cooda, Pigboat and Jolly Hockeysticks - because we all seem to share common music tastes;

Also anyone else who has enjoyed the Music Quiz's - the following spring to mind as examples - Kenny Carter, SFly, The Mistress, Briteandbreazy, Luca Brasi;

And others include fellow Ozzies (sorry I'm not at the bash gang!) Binos, PVC Pants, Blue Diamond, Min, Go Girl and the rest of the fun lovers;

Others who spring to mind include Pilot's Pal (next time Sarah!) Hugmonster, and Moritz, just to finally put a face to the name;

and last but not least the Lovely Locky, to thank her for the picture.

PS - And to all the people out there who mention her but have failed to do so - I have been lucky enough to meet the lovely Velvet - so pull the finger out and go say hello to the lovely lady!!;) ;)

2nd Apr 2002, 03:46
Thanks Mr. Suter for the invitation.

Yes, I may fly to Zurich from my future New York base.
But uh, not sure yet about ya:
Many possiblities here: Bored lesbian looking for a toy-boy to try something new?
Honest pilot looking to share stories and beer bottles with fellow honest pilot?
Or big fat gay pilot out to get young, slim, blond, handsome Norwegian country boy..?

At any rate, yes if I fly into yer neck of the woods I may see ya donwtown i a neutral bar.
(Would probably feel better if the Tricky Woo was there also..):D

Aye "bugg smasher" : I was based in the rotten apple for many years with Evergreen and Tower Air.
Do like some part of it, but way too lazy to set up shop there.
How do ya deal with the cold climate, the busy crowds and the expensive living?
Would like to meet with ya however, lets stay in touch.

Now, how many PPRuNe'rs have I met the last couple of years?

Well: TheGuvnor....................... Nice guy
Wino.................................Nice guy
Bamse1............................Nice guy
RAAS767...........................Nice guy
RW-1.................................Nice guy
Zoner................................Nice guy

Never met any nice girls from PPRuNe.....


Hugh Jarse
2nd Apr 2002, 04:01
SLASHER! :cool:

Funny Bastard!

Woops! Got to go pick Jarsephine up from school :o

pants on fire...
2nd Apr 2002, 05:09
At last. The truth about Moritz Suter revealed!

I have a wonderful new and improved version of Preparation H made right here in beautiful Switzerland, and I'm sure it'll be just the ticket to take the edge of those grapes of wrath, blah, blah, blah...


It has now been independently confirmed that Preparation H was developed by a consortium of leading scientists to counter the biggest pain in the arsse ever known to man - Moritz Suter!

See Moritz in action for the first time. Take the Moritz Suter quiz. (http://www.preparationh.co.uk/utilities/index.asp) :D

Kalium Chloride
2nd Apr 2002, 10:29
I'd love to meet that charming, intelligent, witty, handsome fellow who goes under the name KC...oops, rumbled! :D

Send Clowns
2nd Apr 2002, 18:17
AtlPax - met the Guv. He is dull. Nothing against him personally, if he ever starts a business I would not work for him not because I don't trust his honesty but because I don't trust his leadership or management, as he has nothing about him.

Slasher, Mel, Spam and Tricky Woo are also among those I would welcome meeting but have never had the pleasure of doing so. Looks like I will get the opportunity in at least one case, at Gatwick :)

2nd Apr 2002, 19:07
Seems to me that if you want to meet some of the people you have noted. You first have to book a place at the GatBash. Then you have have the person you want to see also there.

At this point in time, from position of absolute knowledge of who will be attending, :D the chance meetings are about 80 to 1 against!

However, you are certain to meet me! Then most of you have anyway. :eek:

Only 26 places left!

3rd Apr 2002, 08:32
Going off the Photo's

Paddington I think her name is????

Looked devine in the pics...
Apparently an FO for a carrier?

If you see this paddington , drop me an email....

3rd Apr 2002, 11:44
Micheal (sp, surely??), you are quite correct about the lovely Paddington* (note the asterisk).

She is a very nice person, she is indeed an FO for a major carrier.

I shall draw her attention to your post.

Tartan Gannet
3rd Apr 2002, 14:51
Hugmonster, Unwell_Raptor, Davaar, Send Clowns, Pigboat and of course, Slasher. (anyone who likes cats has to be good in my book).

Least like to meet? Moritz Suter!

Already met? The lovely Lady Velvet, (any chance of a rematch?)

:D :D :D

Celtic Emerald
3rd Apr 2002, 16:36
Well now that it's taken me 15min's of me precious 50 allocated min's to find how the hell to log in the one's I'd most like to meet are:

1: Slasher of course (are you really that raunchy in reality mate, I just can't wait to see).
2. Kaptin M (a heart of gold under the macho, tough exterior, sorry mate, ruined your reputation now big time!)
3. CaptainSquealch (my old e-mail pal & slagging partner)
4. Hogg (the 'babe' lover as in little pigs not women I mean)
5. Captain Airclues. (a thorough gentleman)
6. Mooney. (me chat mate)
7. JudyTTexas (another lovely lady, who doesn't need to flaunt herself)
8 Oh & of couse Ams, my oriental friend, does he come into chat anymore, saw a photo of him by a plane he skippers, my is it a big bird!

& all the other lovely people I've spoken to in chat & e-mailed.


3rd Apr 2002, 18:04
I want to meet Wiz.

Big time.


3rd Apr 2002, 18:31
ooh err gash, I seem to have made an enemy..... :(

I acted without thinking, I have done it many a time. Gash, whatever I did (If it is the thing on Mon. night, then that line WON'T be crossed again!) then I am truly sorry!

Shake hands?

aaaaanyways, on to who I'd like to meet. Vel, techchick, OB, Tony Dee, ATCbabs, Rusty Cessna, aww heck, the lorroyez! Even you Gash, if only to stand bending down with my back to you ready to willingly receive your boot up my........

I promise, one day, I'll make it to a bash! Personal circumstances prohibit me from doing so, but hey, I'm only a year and a few months away from it!

4th Apr 2002, 05:54
Met a few so far and following IFR's plan to meet more by attending the GatBash :)

Also those chatters not going to the GatBash. Maybe the XmasBash ??

4th Apr 2002, 06:46
I would love to meet the esteemed Foxy, Whiz, CM, TM, Velv, and the list could go on and on... I have already had the pleasure of meeting the gorgeous Min and would love to meet again. (maybe a massage next time Min?) and how could I forget the first person that ever talked to me in chat... the ever lovable GO-GIRL. and Disco Stu neway's have a good one all and one day we shall meet in the ever clear skies that all aviation lovers go to.... with plenty o beer for all

4th Apr 2002, 07:44
I'd like to meet every single PPRuNer.

Why? Well, I've liked nearly every PPRuNer I've met. Some of them have become friends, and one or two have become very good friends.

I'd hate to single out people that I specifically want to meet or don't want to meet. All of the (very few) PPRuNers I've met and not liked, I was surprised at not liking them because we'd always got on fine on-line. And, likewise, the few people who I tended to avoid on-line have turned out to be perfectly nice people once I met them in the flesh.

So let's book the bigger room for next year's GATBash, and get as many PPRuNers there as we can! :D


the wizard of auz
4th Apr 2002, 11:41
ME!, W D T B D, aaaaawww shucks.:D

No speed Restriction
4th Apr 2002, 21:11
It's got to be Locky for me :)