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1st Apr 2002, 05:14
Can anybody direct me to a detailed book/website/publication regarding the operation of, and any other details aboutthe PT6A Engine (Large & Small).


2nd Apr 2002, 00:12
Come on you guys, someone must know something!!!

2nd Apr 2002, 00:56
I'm not sure but I think it has quite a large problem with 'idle lock' or something... there's a bypass in the cockpit just to get around that problem.

2nd Apr 2002, 01:04
" PT6 idle rollback!" That's it!

2nd Apr 2002, 03:23
Have you tried contacting Central Flying School in Sale or 2FTS in Pearce WA?

2nd Apr 2002, 03:52
Orion, I have not so far - do you have their details at all, maybe a contact person??


2nd Apr 2002, 06:55
Achilles, the maintenance manuals are published by Pw up in Canada, they cover 4 or 6 very thick binders - probably not what you want. Operationally, aircraft systems manuals go into adequate depth. If you have a particular question, I may be able to help, being familiar with the -20, -27/28, -65b, -67d. Otherwise I'm at a loss where you might be able to find a general treatise on reverse flow free turbines.

2nd Apr 2002, 13:10

One book that may be easy to obtain is 'Advanced Aircraft Systems' by David Lombardo. It deals with powerplants and systems that are found in typical business aircraft. Each chapter starts out with general info followed by typical descriptions for the King Air 200, Beechjet 400 and Falcon 900.

If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask them.


2nd Apr 2002, 23:58
Try sending a request to the Operations officer at CFS RAAF Base East Sale VIC, or try the same at: No 2 FTS RAAF Base Pearce WA.
Might be able to help you.


4th Apr 2002, 19:28
You could try one of the larger training Orgs. Flight safety. They run both pilot and engineer courses. Should have the info you require

4th Apr 2002, 22:55
The PT-6A engine is tough as nails.....operated same in BE-99's in the 1960's.....some power turbines had blades missing and still provided takeoff torque...with just slightly increased ITT temps. A more reliable engine would indeed be hard to find.
Have just purchased a BE200 KingAir...and smiling all the way to the bank...

Golden Rivet
4th Apr 2002, 23:18
www.aerolearn.com has a few good bits. Have to register yourself first, but all manner of online learning packages available.

5th Apr 2002, 08:50
Congratulations 411A, what a superlative airplane to have as your own. There are others on this board with much more KingAir time then myself, but with over 5,000 hours behind the PT-6A, from Alaska at 60 f to the high desert at 110 f, Ive had only one compressor stall (and that was my fault), other then that not so much as a hiccup. Enjoy your new B-200.

5th Apr 2002, 09:47
Thanks y'all for the assistance; it's much appreciated.