View Full Version : help with new system!!??

stator vane
1st Apr 2002, 04:04
tried to contact PPRUNE but mail pops back as undeliverable.

so will try this and see if it works.

when i get into any topic, the page comes in a format, of a hugely enlongated horizontal mammoth which requires me to use side buttons to read and while doing all that, i forget what has been written.

this occurs with both microsoft and netscape engines.

any suggestions?

thanks in advance

1st Apr 2002, 05:29
Me too!

PPRuNe Towers
1st Apr 2002, 05:51
SV, I'm viewing your post on 5 different windows using 5 different browsers.

I'm afraid Netscape (4.7) is viewing full stops/periods as the only valid line breaks. It isn't wrapping the rest to selected window size.

Explorer, Omniweb, iCab and Opera all work fine. I'm keeping my sentences short. To help preserve your sanity.

As I can't find any normal user settings to stop this problem in Mozilla/Netscape. I'm afraid the short term solution is to search + download. One of the small footprint/high speed browsers such as Opera. A small file to download but a very good browser.

Our apologies for the problems - we are working to resolve the Netscape issue.