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5th Jun 2012, 14:55
I had a strange dream last night. So far as I remember, I was just a bystander, looking-on as a housewife commented on her new washing machine / drier combination unit. She said: "If only they'd made the machine 'easier to turn around', so as to be able to reload the drier with the wet laundry" more easily...?!

For some reason beyond my comprehension, her comments struck a chord as I was sitting on the bog this morning for a n 2.

The thought struck me that nowadays as consumers, we have a plethora of choices of this type of 'combo-unit': washer/driers, tv/dvd players, fridge-freezers etc. but not just limited to domestic appliances possibly.

In my dream, I think that I did at some stage suggest that she'd have been perhaps better off buying 2 separate appliances instead of a 'combo-unit'. That way, if one went wrong, the other would still work. Are 'combo-units' more reliable (obviously cheaper) than buying separate 'dedicated' appliances?

BTW, ever since buying a 'single-compressor' high-volume LG fridge-freezer about 12 years ago, which has never ever required repair, I've since replaced my defunct microwave oven and LCD PC display, with LG products. Perhaps the Koreans have resolved the best compromise between cost, build quality & reliabilty, and eventual warranties...?!

But back to the dream: this housewife was obviously somewhat confused by all of todays' offerings. I have to empathise with her. But I always considered myself quite 'tech-savvy', yet have to admit that I have obviously had great difficulties in understanding a lot of stuff. For example, I've been paying SFR 65 per month for the past 3 years for a SFR 3HR mobile phone subscription (including free-calls within France when emitted from the mobile at home). I've just managed to replace that @ 19.95 monthly (unlimited free calls to French mainlines and mobiles, together with unlimited calls to mainlines in Europe and well beyond, also with SFR, without any 12 or 24 month "re-engagement"...?! I've had a mobile phone ever since 1997, initially with Hutchinson Telecom (later on taken over by SFR) and remained with the same operator ever since = 15 years. So much for customer service - looks like SFR targetted moi as a sucker quite rapidly...?! :(

If you think that a separate washer and drier is more appropriate, then why not consider having 2 (or even more separate mobile phone subscriptions) for example? Why are companies today so dishonest (ie. hiding their best offers from all their existing clients, whilst offering them to newcomers...) etc.?

It all sucks I tells ya...?! I might have dreamed instead about the time when I was a youngster, barely 19 years old and had my first 4-some...?! Perhaps reliving it and doing differently all the things that went wrong in hindsight...? ;)

5th Jun 2012, 14:59
....more importantly, what was this 'housewife' wearing?

Milo Minderbinder
5th Jun 2012, 15:04
it was your wife whispering in your ear while you were asleep.
She wants a new washing machine

5th Jun 2012, 16:56
Hobo asked: ....more importantly, what was this 'housewife' wearing? Sadly, I don't recall. But I think she might have been an Italian house-wife, 'well over the retirement age', but with a strong affiliation to growing rare and obscure rose bushes in her garden. Together with her Italian ex-forces husband who did most of the 'heavy-lifting' and opened-up their garden to selected visitors every summer. So far as the last TV programme I watched last night is concerned...?!

Watching their idyllic 'retirement existence', involving at least 1 dog and several cats, in their secluded 2-3 acres, in the midst of what appeared to be a modern industrial estate, bordered on one side by an important rail-route obviously must have contributed. It was about 10.30PM last night, I was about to switch off and go to bed when I stumbled on this program. And the charmingly chubby old Italian house-wife, speaking softly in her delightful 'sing-a-long' accent unintelligibly of stuff far more importante than mere washer/driers...

The planet would be a much more peaceful place if everyone had an Italian grandma like that. :{

5th Jun 2012, 17:17
My vivid dream last night had me riding a bicycle along country roads that were undulating and covered with 'black' ice - though it didn't affect my progress.

I also passed-by Walthamstow Bus Garage (which was significant as someone on another forum has created a magnificent (and realistic) cardboard model of this and there has been discussion as to whether it still exists):-


Strange how the brain serves-up snippets as dreams . . .

5th Jun 2012, 17:54
I shall be having a new central heating boiler installed in a couple of weeks.

At around 2.30am yesterday I woke up to hear my father and the installer having a heated debate about the location of the new boiler. I wondered why they couldn't deal with it during the day and went back to sleep.

Except, I dreamed that I woke up and looked at the clock, and my father left this house some 40 years ago and died in Oz around 15 years ago. I rarely think of him these days.

5th Jun 2012, 18:12
Mothers and fathers come to one's dreams to help one with real issues the person is facing. So I've been told.

5th Jun 2012, 18:29
I dreamt of being informed that I'd be going to the Falklands in some type of military/civilian capacity :ooh: and thinking how I'd be able to say that I'd finally done my bit there.....The original conflict had me amongst many others being readied to go had things gone badly for the expeditionary force, which as history shows was not the case.


5th Jun 2012, 19:55
Firm believer in Deja-Vu as when asleep subconcious doesn't do present and future, 1st time remember it as a kid when we went somewhere where an odd construction in my dream and it was there.

Recently sitting in a meeting and think WTF I have been here before.

Not yet remembered Euromillions numbers in advance:{

Loose rivets
5th Jun 2012, 21:25
I have the most extraordinary dreams. When I wake, I want to tell people about them. Odd, cos they make no sense at all.

As G-C says, Strange how the brain serves-up snippets as dreams . . .

So many parts a okay, but the sum of the parts can be bizarre.

This morning, I was having a dream about a slick looking fighter-type aircraft flying by. I watched it, as one does. It tumbled then started flying backwards. I exclaimed my bewilderment to someone I was with. Then I realized the impossibility of it.

Despite the white and blue aircraft being an unknown type, I still refused to believe I was dreaming. It was too real, too detailed. But my mind conceded the impossibility and I entered that horrible struggle to to wake up.

Previous morning I awoke to thinking, I must get that in a letter to Scientific American. Amazing. Just like my crop circle post of some years ago. Well, not just like, cos that was real, but now my mind was filled by a new discovery.

When I held up a 3v battery, c15 cm in diameter, and put my electric drill near it, it became suspended by axial force lines from an outer circle. It was repeatable. I showed my wife's old boss. (haven't seen him for years in the real world.) The force lines were sparkling as though made of atoms that were emitting photons. Quite beautiful. Pity that one wasn't real.

Who does this dream production? Some of it would take the mind of Hitchcock or the productions skills of Spielberg. I've said it before, but I think it's utterly astonishing who we share our sculls with.

. < a secret dot.

tony draper
5th Jun 2012, 22:45
I always know exactly where I am in the dream world ie my the exact geographical location even though the scenery looks nothing like the actual place,strange that is.
Also as I have got older they they have become more and more parochial I seldom wander far in the dreamscape now, though in my dreaming yoof I wandered the earth.
Pipe and slippers time even in the skull movies.

Solid Rust Twotter
6th Jun 2012, 06:23
...I think it's utterly astonishing who we share our sculls with.

Oar even our skulls.:ok:

6th Jun 2012, 07:52
... When I held up a 3v battery, c15 cm in diameter, ...
pretty big 3v battery you've got there - about the size of a side-plate :ok:

6th Jun 2012, 14:18
Last night I was mainly supervising the replacement of four electricity substation transformers on my land . . .

(I've never worked in electricity supply, nor have I any substations on my land.)

6th Jun 2012, 14:26
I dreamt I was eating giant marshmallows.

When I woke up, the pillows had gone.

6th Jun 2012, 15:24
...this thread reminds me of some the threads in the alt.***** sections of the Usenet world. (where the weird folk hang out).

The Ancient Mariner

6th Jun 2012, 15:41
I have been known to dream about a washer/drier, but it was Claudia Schiffer and she was wearing a french maid's outfit. :E

6th Jun 2012, 15:45
Dreams are weird. What always amazes me though is how your brain comes up with them. Recently I dreamt of something which I never considered before, nor have I seen it in a book for movie. But it's brilliant and no I'm not telling you because you'll only steal they idea. :cool:

As for the washer/dryer combination. They're useless and often unreliable. So separate is better. However not everyone has the space for two machines. Our dryer is in the garage. Not so practical when it raining or at night or both.

6th Jun 2012, 16:31
My parents bought a Bendix washer/dryer in 1955 - so they aren't new . . .

Lon More
6th Jun 2012, 16:37
If it was just a small wash did you do it by hand?

Loose rivets
6th Jun 2012, 16:39
I remember those. Must have been about '52 at the latest. All the neighbors used to gather round it at just stand there in awe. Better than telly it were.


6th Jun 2012, 16:57
Our new-build house kitchen was built around that Bendix machine, such was the expectation (previously my mother had to make do with a top-loader with a mangle and a separate boiler for whites).

7th Jun 2012, 05:05
'combo-unit': washer/driers
Had one of these in 1979ish from Comet - never missed a beat. My Mum had one for about 20 years, and it never missed a beat. Have had a condenser dryer for about 10 years - and yeah, it's never missed a beat though the door lock is a bit dodgy now, and we lean a small step ladder against the door and then its OK. Probably the exception that ....etc:ok:

Loose rivets
7th Jun 2012, 06:21
In my heyday, c 1970, we ordered a fine new Bendix to replace the secondhand one we'd been using. A few days later the local shop carried it out still smoking. We replaced it with the old one. ( I'm not given to parting with things easily, and this time it paid off.)

Years later, the main bearing failed. Splitting the drum was a heck of a task, and my heart missed a beat when I saw the vast central shaft with the bearing on it. 1.315134958591875 th of an inch inner, and 2.94325345439585493 th of an inch outer.

A little poetic license there, but you know what I mean. I went to my mate's workshop which was in his garden and bemoaned my plight. No one had even heard of such a size, and Bendix certainly didn't want to know.

This shed was, and still is, a wondrous place, where after borrowing a fine carpenter's plane this summer, I could not find a single square inch to put it down upon returning it. Anyway, back then there was a little shelf filled with just a few odds. My mate reached for a box on the shelf, laughed, and handed me the box. "Here're you are." I kid you not, it was the right size. It ran the machine for the next several years.

We will now play you some soft music whit the Edit fairy puts its message into place.
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unstable load
9th Jun 2012, 08:34
Looked into a combo purchase recently and the salesman got very bent out of shape when I asked what the point of a washer/drier was if it washed 7 kilos but could only dry 5 kilos.
His comment of "just remove the 2 kilos" was not what madame wanted to hear either, so he didn't have a very good morning in the Unstable's hands... nor any sale...

tony draper
9th Jun 2012, 10:09
Bah! our Mums and Grans managed perfectly well with kit like this,Poss Tub and Poss Stick,the Wiminfolk are spoiled these days.

9th Jun 2012, 14:40
I used to get the winding the mangle bit. Twas serious hard work!

tony draper
9th Jun 2012, 16:55
we used to dream of having a mangle.:( :rolleyes:

G&T ice n slice
9th Jun 2012, 21:31
is this the thread to discuss the dream with the lady in strange leather apparel and the quart of whipped cream?

9th Jun 2012, 21:39
If it wasn't, looks like it is now.....:)

9th Jun 2012, 21:45
Not to mention, G & T, the flying helmet and the limp asparagus.....

G&T ice n slice
10th Jun 2012, 07:25
yuck, asparagus with whipped cream?

sounds a bit pervy to me..

Now, strawberries, cherries or raspberries is a winner

25th Jun 2012, 14:48
In last night's vivid dream I caught an extremely large salmon (it was 5 feet long).

The major problem was hiding it from others as my fishing licence didn't cover salmon (which is a major offence), so it remained in the boot of my car rather than being refrigerated - until I was awoken by the telephone ringing . . .

25th Jun 2012, 15:08
Anybody remember the Derek and Clive tapes/CDs? As cuddly Dudley put it (was he Derek or Clive?) "I haven't laughed so much since Granny caught her left tit in the mangle." :p

26th Jun 2012, 06:08
Last night I returned to Le Mans as a spectator 48 years after my first visit, though the event was an amalgam of Le Mans as it was then (ie no chicane on the Mulsanne straight) and the Isle of Man TT course.

Such vivid memories of both . . .

It's interesting that I was able to calculate the anniversary and communicate this to other spectators even though I was still in a state of sleep and dreaming.

I would have liked another couple of hours of sleep, however.

26th Jun 2012, 11:16
OK so here's my wierd dream (last week). I was sitting having a meal with a few friends, two of whom were dead and known to us all as being dead, yet they were sitting with us and eating their food. We all acepted this situation. At the end of the meal the two who were dead just faded out.

One of these two, David, was someone I knew extremely well, he died suddenly and unexpectedly from toxic shock years ago, but I haven't thought of him for some time, yet in my dream he was absolutely vivid.

I can't explain why this dream should have popped up. No trigger events recently. No talking about David.

And by the way David was an excellent clairvoyant, earned his money that way, very sensible and common-sense chap.

Loose rivets
20th Aug 2012, 08:25
I was, in my slumbers, in my old Frinton home last night. After some minutes, I exclaimed, "he hasn't done anything to it! It's in a terrible state."

In fact, this house is the most worked on residence in the history of houses. I don't think there's ever been a time since 1962 that there has not been WIP.

I suddenly realized I'd traveled back in time. I looked at the people with me and said, "OMG, is ***** still alive?"

She was a lovely young mum that died c1985, leaving a husband and two young boys. In my dream she was still next door. In the real world, we became very close in the 2 1/2 years it took her to die. In the dream, I had to be content with just watching her - I was saddened when she didn't seem to recognize me. The dream them became lucid, and I quickly woke up.

Soooooo real.

20th Aug 2012, 09:33
My dreams are all like something out of Monty Python's Flying Circus or the Goon Show.

There may be something significant about that, but I'm not sure what.

20th Aug 2012, 11:57
I was sitting having a meal with a few friends, two of whom were dead and known to us all as being dead, yet they were sitting with us and eating their food.Have similar all the time. My Father of course. If often point out to him that he's dead but he just smiles enigmatically. But strangely work colleagues too. One died the same week as my Father by coincidence.

But in dreams there they were large as life. I couldn't resist going up to one and and saying: 'Do you know you died back in 1991.' He looked at me as if I was mad, unsurprisingly.

The best dream was one where it became a bit lucid. Realising it was a dream. I went up to a woman, no don't get ahead of me here, and said to her 'This is my dream, you don't really exist'. She rather tartly replied: 'What makes you think you're not in my dream?'.

I woke up at that point. Food for thought.:ooh:

Last night's dream was rather more prosaic, it seemed to be a movie with Tom Cruise playing an Australian in the London Met police and Russell Crowe playing well.........an Australian 'Guvnor' of some special police unit which Cruise wanted to join. Some great dialogue with Crowe putting down Cruise. Implausible film scenario but I'm sure Hollywood wouldn't think so. Expect it at a cinema near you soon!

20th Aug 2012, 17:22
Tom Cruise playing an Australian

No way, all the Australians I've ever met are LARGER than life.

20th Aug 2012, 23:53
My thought exactly, even in the dream the very notion of it was absurd. But as it's my dream what does it say about me?

Am I utterly crazy?

21st Aug 2012, 08:50
Had recurring dreams of watching an Air show with multiple crashes. It was SO realistic that I couldn't believe it was a dream (lucid?)

Also occasionally dream of an ex- GF and the next day I'm really angry at myself for dreaming about her. It was twelve years ago!

Do i need help?

21st Aug 2012, 09:43
Only sleep about 3-4 hours a night and either don't dream or never remember a dream. I'm tempted to believe I go pretty much direct into deep sleep and skip the REM/dream stage.

Seem to be missing out on a few freudian moments.... :ooh:

21st Aug 2012, 15:24
I walk to the gym every morning carrying my gym bag, which is quite heavy w/ clothes, water, shampoo, ungents & post-gym ointments.

Last night I dreamed that the handle broke, so vivid a dream that I put the other hand there this morning to catch it in case it did.

And guess what, it did break just as I reached the door.

Incontestable proof that some dreams come true !

(My friend Horst said "don't bother with gym-bag handles, try for the lottery next time.")