View Full Version : Sporting Conspiracies

Gash Handlin
31st Mar 2002, 18:40
Who is it that rigs the boat race every year??

I can't believe that Oxford and Cambridge are the only two teams good enough to get to the final every year, when was the last time any other team was in the final, we have a right to know, bloody elitism thats what it is, typical oxbridge oldboy network stopping the rest of the oik uni's geting a chance to win the final race

31st Mar 2002, 18:59
It just goes to show how far behind the times Oxford and Cambridge are.

Since the invention of the bridge and the outboard motor there is absolutely no need to hurtle along rivers backwards while clutching an oar.

DX Wombat
31st Mar 2002, 21:50
I am wondering about the level of intelligence required for admission to either of these universities. I would have thought that the boat race did not present any particular navigation problems. There is only one place you can row those boats and that is on water, if you row in the right direction there is clear water ahead, row in the wrong direction and you get mown down by the following fleet. So why on earth do they need GPS? What next? radios so they can summon help when sinking? mobile phones so they can ring their mates to say "I'm in a boat on the river, yes, the river. Can you see me on the telly?"?:confused: :D