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Load Toad
4th Jun 2012, 07:58
Heinkel 115 recovered from Norwegian lake: LiveLeak.com - Rare WW2 German aircraft salvaged in Norway

5th Jun 2012, 11:32
Outstanding. :ok:

5th Jun 2012, 15:46
Thanks for sharing; something to look forward to seeing in a couple of years once they've stabilised the bits!

11th Jun 2012, 20:55

I hope they find the floats down there too...

Kermit Weeks would no doubt love to have that flying from his lake alongside the Sunderland.

astir 8
12th Jun 2012, 07:21
Problems of corrosion and long term preservation after long immersion in even fresh water are frequently discussed in the Bluebird rebuild website Bluebird Project (http://www.bluebirdproject.com)

And of course the Hendon museum Halifax is still said to be quietly crumbling. Hope that the He 115 can be rapidly conserved otherwise all that fantastic paintwork will be the first to vanish

Load Toad
12th Jun 2012, 14:01
More stuff here: Heinkel He-115 Recovered Apron 6 (http://apron6.wordpress.com/2012/06/04/heinkel-he-115-recovered/)

Inc. guns bullets & all.

13th Jun 2012, 02:35
I hope they find the floats down there too...

The floats were recovered by the Germans, along with one of the engines, right after the airplane made its botched landing. As I remember (reading), it was a downwind/crosswind landing and the left float was torn off, causing the airplane to capsize. No crew injuries.

13th Jun 2012, 20:25
I was working in Stavanger last week and wandered over for a look. The pictures don't do it justice - the paint just looks amazing and the cockpit glazing is very clear indeed. Just hope it gets stabilised soon.