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North Shore
4th Jun 2012, 02:05
Yes, it's TT week once again. Anyone have any bright ideas as to how to watch any of the TV feeds in North America (Canada)? A reliable proxy server site? The official website offers no help, and I'm getting sick of watching 2:35 Youtube clips!

Loose rivets
4th Jun 2012, 05:37
ExpatShield ?

Never forget being taxied to the airport there. 'Good morning fairies!' we'd holler as we went over the bridge.

I thought the driver's laconic smile was a bit telling.

Joey Dunlop, at 180 mph - overtaking someone. 'yer gotta be careful' he'd say, time and time again.

The sacks of straw on fine stone gateposts. 'they wouldn't save anyone' says I. 'no, they're to save the gateposts.' says the driver.


Lon More
4th Jun 2012, 08:32
I watched one of the races on Friday. By the bugalow they were doing over a ton. I nearly filled my jeans doing 40mph there years ago. Brave men

(Damn, just realised I missed the sidecars yesterday)

4th Jun 2012, 09:49
Google View UK TV abroad

You have to pay to use this service, but i believe it works well and you get the full race coverage from ITV4 using it through the ITV player

Supersport 1 and SuperStock races today - weather looks great at the moment and the mountain was clear when I came over it this morning so there should be some great racing

Windy Militant
4th Jun 2012, 10:11
Hello North Shore,
As far as I know there are no Live TV feeds, but as mentioned ITV 4 are showing the highlights. The only live TV I've heard of was on Dutch TV A few years back.
I presume that you're aware of the Manx Radio live feed on the Welcome to iomtt.com - The official Isle of Man TT website (http://www.iomtt.com/)
There's a couple of web cams not the best quality but they are live here Eye-Spy Security (http://www.eyespywebcams.com/index.html)
Racing currently on hold due to an accident on the course before the roads were closed.
Edited to add in some areas Manx radio is available on Dab Pop up but it depends on the local provider.

Milo Minderbinder
4th Jun 2012, 10:43
easier link to RadioTT is Manx Radio TT 365 - Home (http://www.manxradiott365.com/)

dunno why they used a new website this year...what happened to www.radiott.com?

Windy Militant
4th Jun 2012, 11:03
easier link to RadioTT is Manx Radio TT 365 - Home

I'd not found that direct link, but if you register for TT live you get that as well as getting the official results as they happen from the on bike transponders.

Milo Minderbinder
4th Jun 2012, 11:12
I wondered where that was....some previous years it was on the RadioTT site and you had to pay
Free this year - Dukes Video must be making too much money!

Windy Militant
4th Jun 2012, 18:13
Superstock race due to start 18:30 BST.

North Shore
2nd Jun 2013, 01:18
Bumpity bump bump...

Found a solution this year for us North Americans. If you're in the States, then Discovery Velocity channel is showing programs. In Canada, I installed 'Hola Unblocker' which unblocked the ITV player. It's a bit pixellated due to slow internet speed at my end, but the Isle is just incredible..

Can't understand why anyone would watch 'robots driving automatics' (F1) or 'smarties flushed in the toilet' (Nascar)


Milo Minderbinder
2nd Jun 2013, 01:28
I'll have to go to the pub and have a word with John McG's mum and see how she rates his chances this year
Used to work with her back in my mad chemist days
Have to say the number of bikes on the way to the ferry seems down this year

Alloa Akbar
7th Jun 2013, 09:35
Senior race today, should be a cracker, although I am slightly perturbed by a few of the riders views regarding Michael Dunlop, they reckon they wouldn't dare try and catch him as he is riding beyond their limits.. I hope young Dunlop is not pushing himself over the line of his own limits..:eek:

B Fraser
7th Jun 2013, 10:47
Agreed AA. I've been watching the evening coverage and it has to be the most extreme motorsports event anywhere. It is probably even better than the Le Mans 24hr.

I wish we had subtitles for the post race interviews as I can't understand what the riders are saying.

Alloa Akbar
7th Jun 2013, 11:36
I can't understand what the riders are saying.

I believe that "t'was fookin' grand y'know" and "too true, it was loik whizzin past me loik a feckin waasp on drugs" translates to "Yes it was a pretty quick lap, although Dunlop seemed to be able to unleash quite unbelievable speed"

North Shore
31st May 2014, 21:31
Yet another bump!
Hola Unblocker seems to be working better.
Another hour to go for the first race on ITV.

Windy Militant
31st May 2014, 22:13
Just finished watching the Highlights of the Superbike race on ITV 4.
Listened to it live on Manx radio, by heck were they moving, the lap record was broken three times and Bruce Anstey set the first official 132 mph lap. Wow!
Sidecar race was pretty dramatic as well.

North Shore
1st Jun 2014, 01:31
132! Makes you wonder how fast they can go, doesn't it?
ITV didn't show any of the sidecars? Perhaps tomorrow evening's show...

One of these years I'll make it to the IoM for either the TT or MGP...

1st Jun 2014, 02:47
If anyone can point me towards a motorsport event more insane than the Manx TT, I would be amazed. Surely these guys carry their nuts around in wheelbarrows!?! Mad fcukers is all I can say :eek:

1st Jun 2014, 09:06
I watched the practice and qualifying last weekend. Sat in the Mitre pub garden in Kirk Michael. Those riders are bloody insane!

Windy Militant
1st Jun 2014, 09:11
North Shore
The sidecars are on at 21:00 bst tonight.
Same time as Eric "Winkle" Brown is on BBC 2. Decision, decisions!

Rob Courtney
1st Jun 2014, 16:06
Been around the course a number of times in a car and been offered a spin on the back of a locals 1000cc bike he claims he dosent go that fast just about 100 or thereabouts :eek:

Think I may give it a miss

Windy Militant
1st Jun 2014, 16:09
been offered a spin on the back of a locals 1000cc bike

He's not called Connor something is he! ;)

Effluent Man
1st Jun 2014, 16:51
Not a Bog Iron enthusiast myself,but I have to say that the TT is pretty spectacular.

North Shore
1st Jun 2014, 19:27
Thanks, Windy!

Solo TT guys/gals might need wheelbarrows..sidecar ballasts must need dump trucks!

Windy Militant
6th Jun 2014, 23:34
Well, that's it for another year, well there's the Lightweight race on ITV 4 tomorrow night but the main event the Senior has been and gone. Well done to Michael Dunlop and glad to see William was not too badly hurt after his off. As usual the end of the week is tempered with sadness, condolences to the families of Karl Harris and Bob Price.

Apparently the Classic TT will be shown on ITV 4 in August!

7th Jun 2014, 05:35
There's a couple of web cams not the best quality but they are live here Eye-Spy Security (http://www.eyespywebcams.com/index.html)


"You don't have permission to access /index.html on this server".

So that's the end of that, then.

7th Jun 2014, 06:23
As noted earlier the Isle of Man certainly exacted a heavy toll this year...! This news is sad but somehow it also heartening that this classic still survives in this world of Health and Safety etc.

Two riders killed as Isle of Man TT racing continues - Autoblog (http://www.autoblog.com/2014/06/04/two-riders-killed-isle-of-man-tt-racing-continues/)


Windy Militant
7th Jun 2014, 11:34
The Eyespy cameras were put up by a couple of guys who run a security firm on the island. Apparently two were in the gardens of the guys running the firm the other was on a clients property. According to scuttle butt on various forums they were requested to remove them by the organisers as they could not be turned off in the case of a serious event happening within sight of the camera.
However there are allusions to the fact that people would not want to buy the High definition DVDS or watch the ITV4 coverage if they could watch it live.:hmm: