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3rd Jun 2012, 14:53
Hi there,

In one year or so, I'll have to convert my Canadian CPL to an EASA/JAA one.

A friend of mine who did exactly the same few months ago (except it was an ATPL conversion and not a CPL one) gave me all his (ATPL) books so that I could study earlier.

I don't know if some members of Pprune have made a CPL and an ATPL after that, but here is my question :

I don't want to be an airline pilot, I just want to fly single engine props and do only aerial work without passengers. I'm reading all the books my friend gave me but ... I don't give a **** about all the complex stuffs I'm reading and which clearly concern only ATPL pilot. So, is the CPL really easier than the ATPL or will I have to deal with almost all the crap I'm currently reading in order to convert my CPL ?

Thank you.



keith williams
3rd Jun 2012, 15:23
If you compare the CPL and ATPL learning objectives here

JAA | Licensing JAR-FCL Theoretical Knowledge Training & Examinations - 2009 January (http://www.jaa.nl/licensing/jar-fcl/jar-fcl_2009Jan_frame.html)

you can make your own judgement.

3rd Jun 2012, 15:50
Thank you Keith Williams,

Argh, It really seems that CPL and ATPL are almost the same !

If someone has tried them both, let me know ...


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