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2nd Jun 2012, 16:19
I need the advice of some knowledgeable people here.

I've recently made a film about flying (don't know the rules for posting links to my own work, so won't do so just yet) and as part of an event my university is running, i've been asked to think of an interesting way of displaying something from the film.

I'm building a 3 sided mock up of a an aircraft's instrument panel and front/side windows etc. All good, I've got most of the materials for painting the landscape and stuff.

I'm struggling with how to show the instruments. My art skills leave a LOT to be desired. The 2 sides will be hinged, thus able to fold into the back panel for easy transport.

Anyone got any ideas of where I can get, reasonably cheaply, some stickers or decals for a basic avionics setup? I'll even consider some 3D dials, although this will limit closing the assembly I suppose...

2nd Jun 2012, 16:30
Um, how about a photograph of an instrument panel, blown up and printed out on whatever sized paper would cover the panels? :)

2nd Jun 2012, 16:48
Yeah, this was my original idea, might also be the simplest. I just need to find someone who can print it for me, seeing as I need it to look fairly slick, with it being for public display.

Really should remember to keep it simple :)

Loose rivets
2nd Jun 2012, 17:14
What type of aircraft - big, little, jet, etc?

Full, or what scale approx?


This one is only 13kb, so not very detailed, but gives an idea. Also, shows ones with scenery are available.



2nd Jun 2012, 17:45
I just need to find someone who can print it for me

Your University should have a reprographics department for this sort of thing, or possibly art department if there is one.

Maybe an advertising firm might do it for an acknowledgement somewhere on the display as publicity.

Alternatively your local "Kwik-Print" or whatever it's called should have a high quality large format printer. Not cheap usually, but if it's close and convenient...


2nd Jun 2012, 21:00
Well, the film was all about light aircraft, so something along those lines would be what I'm thinking.

Oh, I'll definitely post pictures of the final installation, too :)

2nd Jun 2012, 22:21
What era is your mockup?


That's a Camel panel, from a modelling site. There are clear photos too, and you may find something more modern on similar sites. Try googling xxx instrument panel.

2nd Jun 2012, 22:23
It's a modern day mock up - well, I'm talking about things like 172's and aircraft of that ilk.

Now: visually impaired person + power tools. What could POSSIBLY go wrong there???

2nd Jun 2012, 22:33
Well ... the easy way would be to simply buy something like this:

Cessna 172R Cockpit Poster - Sporty's Pilot Shop (http://www.sportys.com/pilotshop/product/12579)

2nd Jun 2012, 22:33
I can't imagine...

Here's a decent pic of a 172 panel, found by the described method. You might be able to get a good pic at your local 172 repairer, without the yokes in the way.


Windy Militant
3rd Jun 2012, 09:43
Hello FG,
Have a look here Youth and Education Support strut (http://www.flyers.org.uk/) under activities. LAA YES are building a number of simulators to promote Aviation at various youth events. They might be able to offer some advice.