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Milo Minderbinder
1st Jun 2012, 23:19
John Hutchinson at the TT this week
a bit of an "Oh F***" moment I should think
he's doing 170mph


Story at Bird Strike! Isle of Man TT rider ducks for cover as low-flying sea gull collides with his Superbike at a blistering 170mph | Mail Online (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2152495/Bird-Strike-Isle-Man-TT-rider-ducks-cover-low-flying-sea-gull-collides-Superbike-blistering-170mph.html)

2nd Jun 2012, 00:36
Had a bee hit my visor doing about 140mph. It was LOUD, and momentarily shocking. Bird must be a lot worse.

Is he coming down Bray Hill there?

2nd Jun 2012, 00:42
Had a small bird hit my gloved fingers at over the 100, glad I had the gloves.

2nd Jun 2012, 01:21
Several riders have been hit by small stones flung up from the road surface. One guy had one go through the screen and rode round with it looking like a bullet hole!

Lucky it wasn't a bag of Silica gel eh?

2nd Jun 2012, 02:06
This was mine some years ago....2am, about 500 ft agl, around 140mph, (sorry bout the aviation content...), got it right in the wire strike kit...



2nd Jun 2012, 03:48

Milo Minderbinder
2nd Jun 2012, 08:25
"Is he coming down Bray Hill there? "

According to an audio clip on Radio TT he'd just passed the grandstand, so yep top of Bray Hill. That greenery at the back looks like the cemetery across the road from the pits

I've had a bee and a wren in my face (both with open face helmets) around 60-70 and those hurt. Looking at this makes my rear end twitch

2nd Jun 2012, 08:40
Anyone know how the bird is doing? ;)

Milo Minderbinder
2nd Jun 2012, 08:45
taken to a vet, alive!
Broken wing though

Windy Militant
2nd Jun 2012, 09:36
A lucky escape for Hutchy, what I'd like to know was where did the Shards of glass come from? Had yon gull just nicked someone's pint. :}
(Or is it just the usual high standard of daily flail reporting!)

Years ago a mate of mine was riding home from college one night. His visor misted up and just as lifted it, he caught a bat straight in the face!:eek: :ouch: To add insult to injury his visor slammed shut trapping it in with him. Fortunately he was only riding a CB 200, but had a hairy few seconds before he managed to stop and extricate the beast. :}

2nd Jun 2012, 09:41
The shards of plastic come from the windscreen the birdy collected.

Windy Militant
2nd Jun 2012, 09:54
Reddo, I was being Ironic if you read the link it says that they were glass not plastic.;)

Milo Minderbinder
2nd Jun 2012, 10:22
Well, he just started in the Supersport race, so no ill-effects

live on Manx Radio TT 365 - Home (http://www.manxradiott365.com/)

Windy Militant
2nd Jun 2012, 12:11
Well, he just started in the Supersport race, so no ill-effects

He's just finished 8th,which is a pretty good effort considering what he's been through. :ok:

Milo Minderbinder
2nd Jun 2012, 12:15
just listening to the commentary - he's had 24 operations since a crash at Silverstone in 2010
I'd say 8th is pretty amazing

2nd Jun 2012, 13:32
The seriousness of such an event in the TT can not be over stated. It was a birdstrike that tragicaly ended the career of Pat Hennen ( Suzuki ) in the 1978 Senior TT.

2nd Jun 2012, 13:53
This Seagul was Steve!

Steve Seagul! :E

2nd Jun 2012, 15:11
Windy ah ok :D

unstable load
3rd Jun 2012, 18:59
That has to hurt, LOTS!
I hit a pigeon square on the chest at about 60kph and that rattled my fillings loose and nearly had me off.

3rd Jun 2012, 20:21
Motorcycle Hits Deer @ 85 mph Helmet Cam - YouTube

3rd Jun 2012, 20:43
As a teen, I was happily riding my mopped with an helmet and no visor.
Got hit straight on the nose by a bird sh!t.....

Does this count !?

Smelled like hell! :yuk:

3rd Jun 2012, 21:42
When I was 12 I arrived home one day after a cycle ride. Mum almost dropped the saucepan she was holding and asked what had happened.

"What do you mean?", I replied. "Look in the mirror", she gasped.

My scalp, face, and neck were covered in blood. Never did discover where it came from.

Milo Minderbinder
3rd Jun 2012, 21:55
Friend of mine killed a Herdwick sheep while coming down the from the top of the Kirkstone pass on a racing push bike
Takes a lot to kill a Herdwick - the things are tough as nails. I've seen them bounce of cars and carry on feeding

4th Jun 2012, 00:02
My boss in the RAF was driving across Dartmoor (circa 1960) in his not insubstantial Rover 90 when he hit an owl which came in through the headlight and exited into the body of the car via the dashboard. Car was a write-off - and so was the owl!

4th Jun 2012, 00:34
If it's too scary, your brain just wipes the memory.
This happened a month ago.

Woman hit's moose, drives to work with no memory of it - YouTube

No comments about newfies please.

Solid Rust Twotter
4th Jun 2012, 06:39
Sometimes the buggers aim for you...

ANTELOPE HITS CYCLIST: Animal charges at man during a race - YouTube

Lightning Mate
4th Jun 2012, 15:05
Try hitting one at 420 knots!!

Great tie which cannot be bought though. :ok: