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Feeton Terrafirma
31st Mar 2002, 14:22
Well here we have the fandangled new softwhere, but I have to ask, where are the other half of my posts?

Currently my profile says 558 posts, yet only 2 days back it said 1074. What happened? wern't they good enuf to be counted or sumfin?

:( :(

31st Mar 2002, 15:11
Yeah, I think there are some bugs to be worked out yet. Iíve seen a lot of funny things in everyoneís post, like </*> \ in the middle of sentences.

And I think some peoples names have been changed back their old ones.

But I have confidence in Danny and the rest. It will be all ok.

Wow, just checked my profile and itís way out of date. We may have lost some folks. I canít figure out how to get back in and fix it, Iím back to being a junior birdman again.

If I was tacky I would ask what happened to my blue thingy that was under my name that I paid for, but I wonít.

31st Mar 2002, 15:36
Well it is the dawn of the new age. Danny has moved on to the bigger better model and us old fa*rts who finaly got used to the old is just going to have to get used to this one too.
Rather like driving that new glass cockpit job. Only took a couple of continents to get the hang of the thing. Had a few glitches on the way just to spice things up but hey with this at least I am sitting on terra firma and as my old Jump Sergeant used to say the fimer it is the less the terror. Tried playing with the knobs and dials probably give a few /#'s and *)@'s but then hey whose perfect.
I am interested to see if my tag appears, after all my paypal $'s hopefully went towards this bad boy we are driving now.:) :)

All right I'm tacky, where did my blue thingy go:confused: :confused:

31st Mar 2002, 15:51
Uncle Danny said the thingys will re-appear in a week or so.
He has not had time to transfer the titles and colors and such.

In the meantime all ye folks, don't forget who the SKYGOD is.....:D

31st Mar 2002, 15:56
dark blue
Blue huh?red
Rudolph the red nosed...What the hell is tomato? You say tomayto, and I say tomahto..

DX Wombat
31st Mar 2002, 15:57
It just ate my reply! Apparently those funny symbols are the old codes for the smilies. I am still trying to work out the criteria for member status. I started the afternoon as "Senior member" but as soon as I posted something I became "Still just another number" I am quite happy to be still just another number and I'm in good company, I'm just puzzled about the criteria. I suppose it is just the "Whim" factor.:confused: :)

31st Mar 2002, 16:43
OK you inveterate JB rats, to get an answer to those questions, look at Uncle Danny's post http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=48675&pagenumber=1 and all will be revealed. :D
And hey, as long as we don't lose this place, I personally couldn't give a flying f*ck about my post numbers, member status or lack of personal title. ;)
I mean, we're here, arn't we? :p

now if the Suter-persona would have mysteriously decided to throw itself out with the moving boxes, that would make my day! :D

31st Mar 2002, 18:13
Well that there link there doesn't work, flaps.

I do notice that now I'm just a different nother number though. Mine went down by about a thousand. And what on earth is all that gubbins up there on this here reply screen ?

Hot 'n' High
31st Mar 2002, 19:21
Steady on flapsforty! You'll do your blood pressure no good at all carrying on like that!!!!!! :p

We're all behind the IT Revolution - honest! Not taking "pot shots" at anyone or anything! We promise!!!!!!!! :D

Cheers, H 'n' H (alias "The IT luddite"!):rolleyes:

31st Mar 2002, 19:29
Oh dear, was I somewhat forceful? ;)
Just trying to say that all those thingies do not really matter to me personally as long as I have pproon to play with.

PS: Link works now

DX Wombat
31st Mar 2002, 21:24
No, you weren't forceful Flaps, it was probably just that people aren't used to the new colour changing facility yet. I'm not bothered about my status, just curious about the reasons / criteria. I was just glad it let me log on this afternoon. :D :D

31st Mar 2002, 21:44
Uh oh, Flaps is on the war-path again.

Time of the month probably....:)

My regards to Mr. Flaps.:cool:

DX Wombat
31st Mar 2002, 21:56
I think I have just worked it out. Everyone is a Senior Member until they make their first post using the updated PPRuNe when they return to being "Still just another number" Am I right Capt PPRuNe? :D

1st Apr 2002, 05:28
The problem with testing things is that you can never think of anything to say.

1st Apr 2002, 05:34
DX Wombat, you can change your "Just another number" designation by clicking on the "User CP" option at the top of the page, then selecting "Change Profile", and writing whatever you wish in the text box at the appropriate section.

DX Wombat
1st Apr 2002, 06:02
Thanks for the info Checkboard but I shall leave it as it is, I'm quite happy with it. I was just curious.:)

1st Apr 2002, 10:22
Yes, things have come a long way, since the (very) early seventies.

1st Apr 2002, 11:38
Towerdog hvordan visste du det? ;)
Mr40 hilser saa mye tilbake og sier at onsker han var i Florida han og:D :D

1st Apr 2002, 11:48
Question for the Towers:

Can this new-fangled software handle threads that go over 100 posts?

Sadly, so many interesting threads had to be locked at 100 with the old software.... :(:(:(:(

Brit Abroad
1st Apr 2002, 12:59
Well, this is as good as anywhere to test, I suppose ;)

1st Apr 2002, 19:50
DX: Reckon you're right: Just been demoted from "Senior" to "Still just another number" :mad:

Checks:DX Wombat, you can change your "Just another number" designation by clicking on the "User CP" option at the top of the page, then selecting "Change Profile", and writing whatever you wish in the text box at the appropriate section.

? Has that option just been removed ???:confused:

3rd Apr 2002, 04:55
Perhaps it is just activated for moderators? :D

3rd Apr 2002, 07:08
Curses !

Foiled again !!


Hersham Boy
3rd Apr 2002, 07:17
Posting... posting... one, two..... one, two....

Seems to work OK?

3rd Apr 2002, 13:09
I have nothing useful to add to this thread, but I thought I'd better contribute to the "can we handle more than 100 posts" effort....