View Full Version : No Icons or Smilies

31st Mar 2002, 10:34
Can anyone tell me why I dont have any smilies or Icons on the posts I have read. Selected a few at random and they are all the same, only have the words what they are supposed to be and the breaks indicated........help

31st Mar 2002, 10:47
Same thing here Rover!!!

Guess its just teething probs!!!

I haven't got a heart anymore either an' I'm not copin' too well.... s'not fair!!!!!!! <boohoo> :(

henry crun
31st Mar 2002, 10:50
Rover, read Danny's post on "cool new software" in R&N.

Smilies are working on new posts.

A Comfy Chair
31st Mar 2002, 10:53
To me, and I am no expert, it looks like the source for the smilies has changed, and therefore the OLD imported posts will just have the former code.... however, NEW posts made on this sortware will have the smilies correctly sourced, so we can see them :-D

As time goes on, the new posts will take over, and problem gone :D , I'm guessing anyway.