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30th May 2012, 04:59
Heard on 6PR Radio this morning - a 'push' by the mining industry to reclassify YPPD as an 'International' Airport' to service the mining industry with international flights directly from....(?) (Insert 'any' dep pt. here...)

The nearest 'other' International airports being Perth & /or Darwin, it was reported....

(Yeah...I know ERSA lists 'Port Hedland International Airport' as the name/address):p

However, would this be a 'push' to have the ATC / TWR Services reinstated??

Staffing numbers / issues?


30th May 2012, 05:22

The great PD is indeed in the sights for a new tower service. Perhaps 12 months to refurb the green monster - then again there is asbestos in it so maybe just a newie will built.

Still remember the lazy King Brown snakes who used to make the SAR store home..

Planning is in early stages - staffing will be by 2 kelpies and 4 sheep going on the 'spares' available!!

30th May 2012, 05:58
Well, they are getting an ARFF presence there, so my guess is ATC can't be far off. As it is, the airport currently handles XR flights to Denpasar on the weekends. Not that I know the airport that well, I can imagine that it wouldn't be too hard to get things running 'internationally' as required, particularly if the push is going to come from Ms Rinehart.

chimbu warrior
30th May 2012, 08:52
As I recall, Skywest operate Pt Hedland-Bali on weekends, and this is accomplished from a CTAF with no RFF.

I'm guessing the decision to re-open the tower has more to do with traffic volume/passenger numbers (the established criteria) than whether or not international flights operate from there.

30th May 2012, 12:27
There is a push to see Hedland become a much better airport. "International Freight Centre" has been heard along the grapevine.

About 12 months ago I recall talking to AsA personnel who had mentioned some progress in the area. Hedland was on the boderline numbers wise of needing ARFF and ATC, and with the massive growth of the region it is likely that getting these facilities in place will happen. In the words of the representatives I spoke to "If it was up to me I would approve it now; but it isn't so my recommendation will be to approve it."
Last I heard, ARFF will be in first then ATC.

Anyone who has flown in/out of Perth, especially to the NW knows how much of a mess it can be.
Bring in radar control to at least 10,000ft. Comms with centre on the ground at all (or at least the vast majority of sites). These two 'simple' things would benefit all.

But, getting back to the topic of Hedland, the new taxiways are almost complete. Big enough to take the 737s- but from what I gather from the local frequent flyers, if only Virgin would use them!

Hedland/Karratha are well poised to serve an international market. Up to who wants to put the money in to stand out over the other really- both are quite sub-standard in the grand scheme of things.
The amount of FIFO people who go back to places like Bali on their time off is huge; not to mention the ones that just want to go there on their two weeks or whatever off - be easier if they didnt have to go all the way back to Perth.

Capn Bloggs
30th May 2012, 15:32
The amount of FIFO people who go back to places like Bali on their time off is huge; not to mention the ones that just want to go there on their two weeks or whatever off
Obviously, if Skywest fly one whole [email protected]<hidden> to Bali on the w'end! :}

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