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28th May 2012, 11:56
iPad Beer at Hofbraeuhaus - Simon Pierro - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=6a8Eimr-fm0)

tu chan go
28th May 2012, 12:06
I want one!!!! Does it come in brown and yellow varieties?

28th May 2012, 14:30
That is CERTAINLY on MY Christmas present list !!!!!

If NOT earlier !!!

28th May 2012, 16:42
I presume he has a bladder containing beer up his sleeve - but how does he do the floating-balloon trick?

and then there's this:-


28th May 2012, 19:52
Beer ? I thought buyers of Apple products drank white wine diluted with diet-coke.......

Nervous SLF
29th May 2012, 09:49
OFSO I think you will find Apple buyers drink diluted cheap whisky with their diet coke rather
than white wine, usually when using a gas powered bar-b-que.

29th May 2012, 16:03
There has been a Beer 'app' round for the iPhone, and for any other type of phone used by us mere mortals, for ages. It's called 'text messaging'. The following method is used to activate this app:-

1. Create a new text message to your mate, message reading 'Pint?'
2. Send message created in step 1. above.
3. Wait for reply (usually 5-10 seconds).
4. Read reply (it will say 'OK'; just trust me on this one).
5. Stroll round to local and enter bar.
6. Say 'Is it your round or mine?'

The rest of the evening will follow it's natural course.

(To add:- This will not work for mates such as JTB who, while he owns a mobile phone, does not appear to have worked out how to switch it on and even if, by accident, it is on definitely does not know how to use the 'answer' button, for either voice calls or text messages).

29th May 2012, 16:18
There is an older version of the app whereby shortly before one can see the whole of the bottom of one's beer-holding vessel one shouts loudly at the top of one's voice "PIIIIIINT!" and one's 'trouble and strife' (or designated other) appears magically with a pint for one. :ok:

29th May 2012, 17:49
This Apple user drinks only the finest Single Malts - Aberlour for example - or premium beers such as Blacksheep Ale. We're cultured, refined folk you see. (Besides being incredibly good looking) ;)

Milo Minderbinder
29th May 2012, 18:16
"Besides being incredibly good looking"

I never realised beer goggles could be self-delusional