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Loose rivets
24th May 2012, 07:36
You really do have to concentrate on the cross. Cheating spoils an otherwise astounding affect.

Flashed Face Distortion Effect Makes Ordinary Portraits Look Hideous (http://www.petapixel.com/2012/05/22/flashed-face-distortion-effect-makes-ordinary-portraits-look-hideous/)

24th May 2012, 08:07
That is quite incredible.

Airborne Aircrew
24th May 2012, 12:31
Sean Penn got better looking... :sad:

24th May 2012, 12:38
That was quite alarming !

Especially when a picture of me came up.

24th May 2012, 12:42
Process This Negative With Your Brain (http://www.petapixel.com/2012/01/24/process-this-negative-with-your-brain/)

This one off the same website was pretty good too. It amazed me how long the processed image persisted - I could still see it faintly after about a minute.

24th May 2012, 17:31
Loose, that has to be the spookiest illusion I've ever seen.:eek: Thanks for posting. Other stuff on the site is worth a look. I like the photoshopped Chinese chaps...

Loose rivets
24th May 2012, 21:04
I hadn't anticipated the girl being in colour! At first, she was just a B&W print, but second time, she was in natural colours.

It improved by thinking about the importance of the dots being RGB and really taking on board the colours, but without scanning them.

There was a patch where her hand and the card were - almost like a blind spot, but then I concentrated on those items while still focused on the dots. After a moment, the image of those items came alive.

I'll look further into the original site tonight.

Milo Minderbinder
24th May 2012, 21:23
Neither site works as advertised for my eyes

Airborne Aircrew
24th May 2012, 21:52

Don't keep looking to see who it is... It's hard, but that's the only way it works...

Milo Minderbinder
24th May 2012, 22:03
I don't and didn't
It simply doesn't work for me. I've noticed it before with these kind of illusion effects - I seem to "see" through them (if thats the correct way to describe it. My brain doesn't seem to to work that way

24th May 2012, 22:14
Milo, you could try pointing your cursor at the cross, may give you more to concentrate on. The 'effect' works for me instantly, persist. It is like the Magic Eye pics. I can get those quite quickly. When our platemaker put up a poster in pre-press, to me it was just a mass of squiggles and colour but he insisted there was a 3D image there. Took me ruddy ages to get it.

25th May 2012, 01:42
There is a profound insight into how the brain works in this little video stunt. I am a fan of Oliver Sacks books about cognitive failures, perception failures, and symptoms of autism. This is amazing stuff.:eek:

Loose rivets
25th May 2012, 05:45
Mmm . . . the girl with the dotty nose. Tonight, with the Anglepoise set to shine on the whiteboard, I achieved very little. A positive print, yes, but no significant colour. I'll repeat the experiment tomorrow with the dawn. GMT -6

My professor son sent this to me. Opponent process theory

Sensation and Perception - E. Bruce Goldstein - Google Books (http://books.google.com/books?id=2tW91BWeNq4C&pg=PA216&lpg=PA216&dq=afterimage+opponent+process+theory&source=bl&ots=-S3wBF80QU&sig=yyz-ZOwTnYq-5Qw6lsOf0ej65Lw&hl=en&sa=X&ei=Baa-T9THC9T0sQKordTQCQ&ved=0CEQQ6AEwADgK#v=onepage&q=afterimage%20opponent%20process%20theory&f=false)

25th May 2012, 16:49
Loose, that looks one hell of a book. I'm still astonished at the effect of the faces and I'm surpised some don't perceive it. Some of the comments posted after the vids are quite curious. I to am having trouble with the negative of the lady with a spotty (I nearly wrote snotty) nose yet had no trouble with after-image effects of complementary colours viewed from other sources.

Maybe it's something to do with the fact that the image may not be strictly in complementary colour, I dunno. The key must be in the RGB spots but it ain't working for me yet.

Thanks for starting this thread, I love all this stuff.

Loose rivets
25th May 2012, 19:24
Yes, son had some amazing tomes in his den. One was on colour vision. I thought I might take some of the knowledge over to the medical section's colour threads, but as I read on I realized it would have taken weeks to precis even a small part of it meaningfully.

I did the girl test again, and now again in daylight and I'm once more seeing colours that would not 'load' in my brain last night. So, booze, or artificial light may have made the change. But, I'm really puzzled by another factor.

The girl seems changed. She seems to be looking at me more than the negative would allow, and I can not exactly correlate what I see with the sample. Odd.

Since there is a phenomenon called 'Colour Denial' (I can't find a reference, but it's something like that.) nothing should surprise me. An extreme case told of a man - having been asked to do so - describing a specialist's jacket and tie. The patient was determined he could see the clothes and designs . . . despite being totally blind. The mind presenting as fact, that which it is generating/modeling.

My own experience of the mind playing tricks was told here. It's typical of my rambles, so start about half way down if you're terminally board.


25th May 2012, 22:08
Loose, I'm not at all terminally bored by your writing. A very colourful account. I noticed further down the link there was a posting mentioning Anne Boleyn. The very name spooks me. What this rambling of mine has to do with this thread I don't know but you've set me off. Perhaps it's perception of how some things can appear to tie in.

My surname and the Boleyn surname are very similiar. My birthday is 17th May, just gone, the same date that Anne Boleyn's brother George was executed. Anne was executed 19th May. My younger sister was born 14th May, I think the date Anne ceased to become Consort or some such. Anne had an extra little finger, as did my sister. Apparently if my sister 'turned out' to be male he would have been named George.:ooh:

I seem to recall my sister saying she saw a head of a Queen at the end of her bed when she was very young. Anyhow, apologies for my drift. Doesn't look like I'll be inheriting Hampton Court anytime soon. I guess this is all a false perception, but the name Boleyn always sets me and little Sis of a bit. I think I may have another cider and try the negative portrait again. A silly posting I know but hey. Cheers.

Loose rivets
26th May 2012, 02:00
Not at all, it was most interesting - especially the extra finger!

It's the wonderful thing about JetBlast, the thread drifts can cause one to enter an entirely new universe. The only problem is we have to come back.

Loose rivets
26th May 2012, 06:41
This was also forwarded in the same forum.


26th May 2012, 12:50
Loose Rivets, I'll look at the link later. Thanks.

"The only problem is we have to come back." True enough, thats the buggah!! :ok:

Loose rivets
28th May 2012, 00:55
I hadn't seen this before. Good brain function indicator I would think.


28th May 2012, 01:26
Loose Rivets,

I read the whole thing with no difficulty but failed to see the flash face distortion properly.

Oh well


28th May 2012, 18:09
Mr. Loose, you don't 'arf come up with them. At normal viewing distance of the laptop, it took me a while to get it. When I stood about 7ft away, the correct characters were clearly visible. Maybe because I had de-coded it beforehand.

Still surprised some can't see the face distortion thing. I had family over at the weekend and all perceived it, even my 86 yr old mum. At last I managed to shut-up my perhaps future brother-in-law as normally he knows how everything works.:D:D:D. (still a decent chap though).

Loose rivets
31st May 2012, 06:55
Here's an odd one.


31st May 2012, 18:28
To the one who is composed of rivets (albeit loose ones), I saw Einstein with a bad hair-do. Took a few steps away and indeed it was Marilyn. Another spooky one. Perhaps I'm more normal than wot I thought.:confused:

31st May 2012, 18:34

At first I saw Marilyn with a mustache. Only when I stepped back from my laptop screen did I see her without one.