Documentary F-BAIF
22nd May 2012, 13:20
Van Osch Film Produkties in the Netherlands is busy gathering material to make a documentary about the Dakota airplane that belongs to the Wings of Liberation Museum in Best, The Netherlands. This plane got severely damaged during transportation to the Soldier of Orange musical. In the documentary this airplane will be telling her own life story.

For this documentary we are looking for photos and video material (we would also like to receive home videos!). For example from the period 1987 to 2002 in which this airplane (registration F-BAIF) was placed on a pole outside the Victory Memorial Museum in Arlon, Belgium. Besides this we are trying to get in touch with (former) employees of the Victory Memorial Museum for the period that the airplane was at that museum.

We would also like to receive other photos or (home)videos from other periods, for example from the period when the plane was used by Air France or when it was located at the Wings of Liberation museum in Best, The Netherlands.

In the event that you can help us, please contact Van Osch Film Produkties, c/p Suzanne van Leendert, telephone 00 31 (0)73 6414181 or [email protected]