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tony draper
7th Mar 2002, 13:14
Slightly off topic, but I suppose it is aviation related, its hard to believe how long ago it was now, that day in 69 when anything seemed possible, so it qualifies in the nostalgia stakes. .Found this free downloadable sim of the Luner Lander.. .Had a lot of fun with it last night, haven't managed to soft land the ****** yet, and it requires a good machine.. .Its free and worth a look.. .. .<a href="http://www.wright-flyer.net/desertaviation/eagle/" target="_blank">http://www.wright-flyer.net/desertaviation/eagle/</a> . .. .PS, must be one of the few craft nobody here has flown,but I stand ready to be corrected. <img border="0" title="" alt="[Wink]" src="wink.gif" />

Iron City
7th Mar 2002, 19:26
Never flew it is right.. .. .Flew a simulation at the aviation museum at Hampton Virginia USA, right outside Langley AFB/ NASA Langley a few years ago that was pretty good.. .. .believe there were computer simulations of Lunar Lander floating around for some of the early console type video games. Must bereasonably complex to write but not so impossible for the video game software inclined.

tony draper
8th Mar 2002, 16:05
Yeeehaaa!!!!!, did it, 16 fps terminal velocity, 3% fuel left, you have to kill your forward velocity and tickle that throttle.