View Full Version : `Spect it`ll perk up a bit

Gary Halliday
7th Mar 2002, 06:58
Do you find this forum a bit slack? What`s the betting it perks up once the airshow season starts.. .. .Hoping for a safe season with maybe a little less emphasis on packing everything in with every minute in the air choreographed beforehand by the organisers. Fully thinking out the ground movement of traffic to and from holds, doing run-ups, getting airborne into holds underneath performing items, recovering not just onto the runway but back to the parking areas etc are often ad-hoced on the day. - No reason to write a new section of JAR to cover this just a bit of forethought and a couple of extra buffer minutes here and there in programmes.. .. .GH. . . . <small>[ 07 March 2002, 03:02: Message edited by: Gary Halliday ]</small>