View Full Version : Lamborghini driver tries for Darwin Award

20th May 2012, 17:46
Lamborghini Crashes in Chicago Suburbs - YouTube

tony draper
20th May 2012, 17:58
I think the word we are seeking is 'Schadenfreude' :rolleyes:

Lon More
20th May 2012, 18:06
A fat wallet is no substitute for driving ability

Expensive cars

20th May 2012, 18:32
I think this would rate up the top.

Japanese pileup claims eight Ferraris, a Lamborghini and three Benzes (http://www.autoblog.com/2011/12/05/japanese-pileup-claims-eight-ferraris-a-lamborghini-and-three-b/)

20th May 2012, 18:36
I think this one qualifies too :

Blonde driving Bentley crashes into Ferrari, Aston Martin and Porsche in Monaco | Car Advice (http://www.caradvice.com.au/130249/blonde-driving-bentley-crashes-into-ferrari-aston-martin-and-porsche-in-monaco/)

20th May 2012, 21:39
Oh dear, never mind, what a shame!:rolleyes:

Lon More
20th May 2012, 21:54
a chav by any other name ....

20th May 2012, 23:42
I like the "turn thing" = indicator ....