View Full Version : Poppy Foundation Basejumpers ?

19th May 2012, 18:34
Are the Poppy Foundation going to new lengths (heights ?) to promote their cause ?

There was I quietly enjoying a relaxing beverage on top terrace of a hotel whilst on travels, only to see some individuals base jumping off the top of the adjacent building aiming for a bullseye target in an ajcacent car park. One pair that jumped (for they were jumping pretty much simultaneously in pairs at one point, and deploying chutes later and later) had parachutes that bore the poppy logo and the web URL poppy.org.

Unfortunatley only had my Blackberry to hand, so only managed to snap a couple of shots of plummeting bodies that I don't hold up much hope for in terms of quality !

Certainly one way to get the Poppy message across to an audience in a new country !

Additional donation on its way to the Poppy foundation this evening as gesture of thanks for the evening's entertainment !

im from uranus
20th May 2012, 07:43
A quick search found this. (http://www.jump4heroes.com/)

Mad, the lot of 'em! :ooh:


20th May 2012, 21:18
Base jumpers make great videos for our entertainment, but sadly they are also making their own death beds too.

If there weren't so many of them, it would be Darwin Award time.

As I understand it, even with more "sane" pursuits like throwing yourself out of an aeroplane at a "safe" height and then opening your chute a few seconds later, I believe the formula is along the lines of:

Cost of NHS fixing wounds > Amount of money raised for good causes.

The real cause here is the ego of those doing it. I respect their ability to do something I couldn't, but I curse the stupidity of it all with an equal measure!