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28th Feb 2002, 03:41
There is a thread on the Military forum at present regarding the location of Sixty Sqns Gnome which has gone walkabout.

Does anyone know of any other mascots that do / or have done travel by air complete with logbook?

I believe that a Jaguar Sqn had a brick at one time, does it still exist?

The Northern Ireland dayglo tyre has long gone.


I have control
28th Feb 2002, 04:38
There's a teddy bear on display in the National Air & Space Museum in Washington DC that has been all around the world etc etc and even got a ride in the Space Shuttle, lucky ******.

Speed Twelve
28th Feb 2002, 04:58
One of the DIOT Squadrons at Cranwell (either 'A' or 'C', can't remember) has a red horse-drawn fire cart as a 'mascot' which has to be trundled about to various exercises as part of the traditional IOT ******ation factor.

Anyway, one morning, inter-Sqn sports day, fire-cart is to be taken along. The cadets detailed to collect aforementioned mascot arrive at its parking bay to find it missing. Cue frantic search around DIOT car park before a ransom note from 'B' Sqn is found explaining that the cart is now in fact on holiday at Akrotiri in Cyprus having been stolen and loaded into a C130 the night before.

I've no idea how they got it back...