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26th Feb 2002, 21:50
WARNING -- this is not posted to tempt any of you Brits to come over for the next Reno Air Races of Sept. 11-14. <img src="wink.gif" border="0"> <img src="wink.gif" border="0">

They have just signed the fastest airshow team to appear In Reno Air Races which will be held Sept. 11-14 this year..The Starfighters is a two airplane display team flying CF-104's. They have a third in restoration.

This is for informational purposes ONLY !!. . <img src="wink.gif" border="0"> <img src="wink.gif" border="0"> <img src="wink.gif" border="0">

28th Feb 2002, 13:09

Not the same with a fire in a tube, nicer sounds come from big recip pistons smashing hell out of hydrocarbons, Oh the joy , Oh the smell, turn that prop and go like Hell! :)

Regards Peter B

1st Mar 2002, 00:44
Couldn't agree more and there will be plenty of that there Too.

Kermit 180
4th Mar 2002, 10:58
Pistons forever!. .. .Err, excuse my ignorance and laziness for not going and checking it out myself, but what does the 'C' in the CF-104 stand for? I know what a F-104 Starfighter is.. .. .Kermie <img border="0" title="" alt="[Embarrassed]" src="redface.gif" />

Golden Monkey
4th Mar 2002, 13:50
I presume it's the Canadian version, like the current CF-18.

Hercules Grytpype Thynne
4th Mar 2002, 17:25
Sugar. .. .Exactly right. Both aircraft are Canadian built examples obtained after they had finished service with the Norwegian Airforce.. .A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of being shown around their hanger at Clearwater Fl by the team leader Rick Svetkoff. A top bloke.. .. .For more info have a look <a href="http://www.starfighters.net/" target="_blank">Here</a>. . . . <small>[ 04 March 2002, 13:28: Message edited by: Hercules Grytpype-Thynne ]</small>

6th Mar 2002, 13:04
Was it the German Airforce who named the F104. . " The Widow Maker" on account of so many landing rather hard, and if it was the Germans, was that attrition rate peculiar to them, or was it evenly spread over the Air Force's who used that type of early man guided rocket! <img border="0" title="" alt="[Eek!]" src="eek.gif" />

9th Mar 2002, 06:36
If there is any way that I can help anyone to attend this unique event in the world , please contact me . It is the best of Ameica and the very best of Aviation.!!!!!!!! Not to mention our northern neighbors!!!!. . . . <small>[ 09 March 2002, 03:02: Message edited by: polzin ]</small>

10th Mar 2002, 02:58
Kermit,. .may I add some small points?. .Quite correct Spin Spin Sugar, the first prototype CF-104 for the Royal Canadian Air Force derived from an USAF F-104 A, production Nr.1058 and had its maiden flight in 9/1960. All production modifications including some elements of the future German version F-104 G were performed at Lockheed Burbank/Ca.. .The AC was handed over to CANADAIR/Montreal in 1961 and received here the designation CF-104 serial number 12700.. .Behind Germany, Canada was the biggest user of Starfighters. CANADAIR produced a total of 200 CF-104's for their Air Force, 140 F-104 G's for a "mutual assistance programme" in USA and construction elements for further 66 F-104 G's passed on to Germany. RCAF bought 38 double seater CF-104 D from Lockheed Palmdale. They flew these AC from 1962 mainly in Europe until 3/1986, than replaced by CF-18. Some of the remaining AC were sold to Danmark, Norway and Turkey. I remember some RCAF jocks as brilliant pilots with warm sentiments. . .Tired? <img border="0" title="" alt="[Wink]" src="wink.gif" /> . .. .VFR. .To answer your question correctly, that would take. .more time, Sir Danny would grant me.. .. .Please note, as I wrote here at pprune before, the header "widow maker" for Starfighters was not created by pilots of the German Air Force or German Navy. It was a f.....g invention by some of our beloved friends from a certain press, just to make the sad crashes that occured a bit more . .interesting for our public here. It's amazing, that this word spread even to you and other parts of the world.. .On the 11/12th May(every 2 years)we have the ILA in Berlin(International Air Fair) and the biggest reunion for ex-Starfighter pilots worldwide. Participating are USAF jockies, ex test pilots from Lockheed, pilots from nearly 15 nations who flew this machine. If I had the guts to cite your "widow maker" there, I wouln'd survive, because we know what a fine stable weapon platform and fantastic aircraft we flew.. .. .Germany and other nations had to cope with a sophisticated fighter AC, which required good maintenance, experienced mechanics, well trained ground staff, an advanced technical management and very well trained pilots. The gap after 2nd world war was indeed a big one. To handle sea hawks, fairy gannets or F-84's/86's was one challenge, to handle an AC, which the NASA used(and is still using) to train their astronauts was different. Most pilots initially coming from F-86 received a conversion training with min.hours by instructors who had collected min. hours training themselves. Situation changed dramatically, when the first well trained jocks came back from USA with around 450 jet hours(T-37/T-38/F-104G) who had earned their wings in regular US undergraduate pilot training classes.. .. .Hope, I didn'd tire you to much, but all this background is necessary for understanding.. . . . <small>[ 10 March 2002, 12:02: Message edited by: Captain104 ]</small>

Capt Vegemite
10th Mar 2002, 05:14
Was in 1979 sitting in line behind Italian 104 at Turin.. .He took off went UP and turned right and was handed off to Milano passing FL310 turning Xwind.. .Thats 31000 feet shortly after take off folks.. .. .Wow we couldnt even climb out over the Alps!

14th Mar 2002, 18:01
Didnīt the germans have a penchant for hanging all kinds of junk under the wings of the 104 and thus adding weight and messing up the aerodynamics?

Dale Harris
19th Mar 2002, 13:03
Hey Polzin, yes you can help me be there. The word is sponsorship!!!

20th Mar 2002, 02:26
29351.......... .. .I'm looking for a rich woman too !!!!!!