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16th May 2012, 15:57
Lest we forget, the war crimes trial of the Bosnian Serb Ratko Mladic starts today in the Netherlands who is accused of ethnic cleansing of the Muslim population of Bosnia during the 1992-1995 war. He was also the initiator of the massacre at Srebrenica. (Although a certain NATO country shares in some of the blame of Srebrenica as they stood around with their thumbs up their butts when the massacre was ongoing.)

Will be interesting to see if he survives the trial or dies in a similar vein to Slobodan Milosevic.

May justice prevail.

16th May 2012, 16:32
"Ethnic cleansing" - fluffist PC word for brutal mass murder.

Hope the bastard gets what's due. The pr!ck doesn't deserve
to have lived this long anyway.

16th May 2012, 16:43
My sentiments exactly, Slash! :D:D:D

16th May 2012, 16:47
Countdown.... 10 - 9 - 8 - 7 - 6.....

16th May 2012, 17:07
Pigboat - is that the countdown to his lawyers entering a plea of either 'temporary insanity' or 'too ill to stand trial'?

16th May 2012, 17:14
Wait and see. :p

16th May 2012, 17:26

I know which countdown you're referring to. And it has nothing to do with the Space Shuttle.

16th May 2012, 17:58
I heard on a news channel that the trial is expected to last 3 years..............:rolleyes:

Who the fcuk is paying for this ? :eek:

There was some comment during the Charles Taylor trial that those bewigged lawyers get in the region of € 140,000, plus expenses.

Wonder what will happen when the Euro goes tits up ?:hmm:

16th May 2012, 18:00
The medja may be reporting that the trial could take up to 3 years but in reality it will be much, much less than that. Wait and see!!!!

16th May 2012, 18:01
The Srebrenica massacre is an open sore in Dutch national consciousness, 17 years on. As this FT article (http://www.ft.com/cms/s/2/d5ff149a-a1f7-11e0-b485-00144feabdc0.html#axzz1v3FOzxcN) also mentions, on top of the national shame over Srebrenica, there´s also the 'memory' of the Dutch by and large having stood by and sometimes even assisted, while their Jewish neighbors were rounded up and taken to the concentration camps during WWII.

What many people don´know:
Dutch General Cornelis Nicolai served under UNPROFOR’s Chief-of-Staff in Bosnia Herzegovina. General Bernard Janvier was the UN Commander for Bosnia.

Most personnel in the command line in those days were Dutch officers and Dutch generals. So until General Nicolai arrived, only General Janvier was up there. The Dutch urgently requested air support from UNPROFOR, but General Nicolai did not even forward the request to General Janvier.

Interactive website for those really interested.Mapping Genocide. (http://www.srebrenica-mappinggenocide.com/en-m/)

Many of the Dutchbatters volunteer in Bosnia trying to make amends, still today.
Their individual, heartfelt efforts to in some small way make up for the massacre are tireless and laudable.

Which does not negate in any shape or form the national shame that is our monumental failure in Srebrenica.

16th May 2012, 18:02
He's not the only piece of filth that deserves the gallows. Robert Mugabe, for a start, has done his share of brutal mass murder both by using force and waging a war of attrition on his country.

On reflection, no, gallws is too quick and too kind. He deserves to be let free in the middle of Bulawayo.

16th May 2012, 18:08

Nothing to be ashamed of. I have studiously researched the massacre at Srebrenica and have concluded that although the NATO contingent you speak of did indeed do nothing concrete to stop the massacre they did request assistance on a number of occasions which all fell on deaf ears. The contingent felt they were vastly outnumbered, which they were, and needed reinforcements from NATO. Also understandable.

The failure to respond at Srebrenica lies not only at the foot of that NATO contingent, but on the shoulders of all of NATO itself.

17th May 2012, 00:34
Countdown is on hold rg. I expected ignition before now. :D

Milo Minderbinder
17th May 2012, 00:54
"there´s also the 'memory' of the Dutch by and large having stood by and sometimes even assisted,"

You need to be very careful before making comments like that.
My father went into Europe on D-Day +3, and then worked his way up through France, into Belgium, Holland and eventually Germany
From what he says its quite clear that the Nazi treatment of the Netherlands was two magnitudes harsher than their treatment of France or Belgium.
When he got there, there, the latter two countries had food available. Holland didn't. Its people were, literally starving. And dying as a result.
I've always been of the opinion (assumption???) that the difference was because Belgium and France capitulated in one way or the other. Holland didn't - and the Nazis took their revenge
I think it would be difficult to criticise the Dutch as a nation given what happened to them

17th May 2012, 01:56
Which does not negate in any shape or form the national shame that is our monumental failure in Srebrenica.

Think you may be being a bit harsh there Juud. Facing any armed opposition is not a heart warming experience under any circumstances. Facing a vastly numerically superior armed force is a nightmare. The Dutch force had no knowledge of the magnitude of what was in store for the people of Srebrenica, the population didn't die because the Dutch didn't open fire on the opposition. Had the Dutch contingent opened fire they would have been slaughtered to a man and nothing would have been gained, the outcome would just be more dead bodies. It was a major failing on the part of NATO. No army any where in the world would want to be faced with what the Dutch were faced with on that terrible day, it was the totally no possible win Catch 22. No apology or flagellation is necessary.

Nervous SLF
17th May 2012, 04:23
I would like to stand up for the Dutch as well re that situation as I feel they did the best that they could
given those horrible circumstances.
In the FT article quoted by Juud I feel it is not 100% accurate when it says the Dutch are not a warrior nation.
In the past they had several wars against the British and also managed to collect colonies in many
parts of the world. They would have been unable to do that without very brave warriors.

17th May 2012, 06:51
The Dutch (amongst others) made South Africa into a world power. That took courage and resolution. Unfortunately they made a few mistakes along the way, but it is not their fault that it is now rapidly regressing back to savagery.

17th May 2012, 07:04
To take things a little further re: Nervous SLF and Tableview's posts, you have to remember that a lot of the Dutch colonies weren't "discovered" but were "stolen" by force from the Spanish and Portuguese.

That don't sound like a country that was not a "warrior nation", as seen in Afghanistan in June 2007......

17th May 2012, 08:12
it is very interesting to read comments, visions and ideas from people who has never been "on scene" but they comments, visions and ideas about "on scene" . :}

just as point of fact, Bosnian Serbs doesn't exist(except on CNN propaganda). If someone declares himself/herself as Serb, it is just that Serb. Since there is no Italian French, or even better Dutch Spanish :E I will ask kindly to not use these references.

Also if anyone is interested in anything else except CNN or NATO official reports I suggest ,


at the bottom of page there is movie " Izdani grad" "Betrayal town"
I think that sums up almost everything.

tony draper
17th May 2012, 12:15
Hmmm, well that trial didn't last long did it.:uhoh:

17th May 2012, 16:12
Another legal team gets a bullseye on the 1 foot range:

Mladic trial delayed after "millions of pages" not disclosed to defence - Telegraph (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/serbia/9271580/Mladic-trial-delayed-after-millions-of-pages-not-disclosed-to-defence.html)

22nd Nov 2017, 11:20

He was convicted of the massacre of more than 7,000 Bosniak (Bosnian Muslim) men and boys at Srebrenica in 1995 and the siege of Sarajevo in which more than 10,000 people died.

Mladic was sentenced to life in prison.

The 74-year-old was removed from the courtroom shortly before the long-awaited sentence was read, after shouting at the judges. They had rejected a request by his lawyer to halt the proceedings on health grounds.

Thomas coupling
22nd Nov 2017, 11:29
23 years to get to this?
How much did that cost "us"? £12-£15 million maybe, to house and feed this parasite?

How much is a 50 calibre slug: 1 euro?

Effluent Man
22nd Nov 2017, 11:34
Named my cat after him. Services to ethnic cleansing of rats.

22nd Nov 2017, 13:03
23 years to get to this?
How much did that cost "us"? £12-£15 million maybe, to house and feed this parasite?

How much is a 50 calibre slug: 1 euro?

The lawyers made a killing!

22nd Nov 2017, 19:34
Trial took 5 years.
Farce. Just stop doing this nonsensical political showboating.
I'm with TC on the .50 cal slug ...

22nd Nov 2017, 20:30
How much is a 50 calibre slug: 1 euro?

Isn't that mentality exactly what the trial was all about?

22nd Nov 2017, 20:48
Probably. I'm in favour of terminating young killers so they can't get parole and do it agin.

However, in this excuse for a human being I'd like to keep him alive as long as possible but to remind him daily of his predicament and lack of a way out.