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Westcoast cactus
16th May 2012, 06:33
Sorry to bore you chaps but I am having a nostalgic look through my late Dad's last Britannia flight after 16 years of flying the whispering giant.The last entry is G-ANCF,Manston-Beirut-Larnaca-Manston Sept 12,1980.I'm fairly sure this was the last operation under the 'Invicta' livery and I cannot find CF listed under the short lived GAYLAN cargo operation also out of Manston at the time.I do remember having the pleasure as a smally one joining Dad on a Milan cattle flight and the distinctive smell of the country at cruise FL.

Whispering Giant
16th May 2012, 10:20
Westcoast cactus, just thought you might like to know that 'Charlie Fox' is still alive and is currently being put back togather back at Liverpool Speke airport (old Terminal). If you would any further information then drop me a line.


Westcoast cactus
16th May 2012, 12:43
Thanks WG.Yes I have been reading up on CF restoration and return to Speke,cannot seem to find much of an update past 2011.I'm sure my father would be chuffed considering he flew the Dc-3 and Viscounts out of Liverpool for Starways and later Eagle in the early 60's.Have traced his first logged flight on CF back to August '66 Kuwait-Colombo and then traced all the way to his final flight on the Brit Sept 12 1980 which was also CF under Invicta livery Manston based.
Not sure if any log book copies would be of any interest to the final completion project.Will also have a poke around for any Eagle memorabilia.

18th May 2012, 08:37
Westcoast Cactus

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27th May 2012, 09:11
Westcoast cactus

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