View Full Version : Hazard a guess on value?

glider insider
11th Feb 2002, 20:33
Rumaging around I have fround the following books.. anyone have any idea if they might be worth anything

1st edition of "Enemy Coast Ahead" by Guy Gibson

and a signed copy of Douglas Baders biography, cant remember the name of it at the moment. Both in good condition...

both quite good books as well, although the Gibson one is quite sad when you know that he is gonna die fairly soon.

11th Feb 2002, 22:30
Try looking at alibris.com, or, if in London, taking them into the shop on the eastern side of Museum Street for a view.

I can't recall what I paid for my copies, neither of which are pristine. I assume that the Bader book you refer to is "Reach for the Sky" (more hagiography than biography?) If the signature is of Bader, rather than of author Paul Brickhill, it might add a few quid to the value.

11th Feb 2002, 22:30
put it on ebay.co.uk auction with a good reserve and let the pack fight it out.


12th Feb 2002, 13:35
Try David Hatherley at the Aviation Bookshop, 656 Holloway Road N19 020.7272.3630