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10th Feb 2002, 22:01
Since so much interest was generated regarding Wisley, I suggested a meeting at the airfield to walk whats left of it and pub lunch before/after.

So, here goes: Monday March 4th 2002. Meet at Wisley main gate access road OS Map 187, grid reference 579071 (hope that's the right way around!)

A3 from M25/A3 junction westbound,past exit off slip road to Effingham, past 'Bolder Mere' on left and take next available road BEFORE slip road to Ripley. Park at end of track in front of gates. Say 11.00, then depart to the Ship in Ripley for lunch. I'll check they are open on Mondays for food!

Bring wellies and old photos!! Oh, and anorak!!

Brooklands is also just up the road.

Rgds. .DOC

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11th Feb 2002, 02:53
Subject to roster I will be there. Will dig out an old anorak for the occasion <img src="wink.gif" border="0">

11th Feb 2002, 15:48
Will certainly be there if I can, and I can do better than just an anorak - pretty sure Ive got an old 'G' helmet and Mk7 goggles somewhere!

R for Robert
11th Feb 2002, 20:37
Will try and be there.

By the way, brooklands is closed Mondays.

17th Feb 2002, 00:19
Back to the top.

Thanx for info on Brooklands R for Robert-I'd forgotten!!

Just had a cracking day in the sunshine there for the Motorsport day.


R for Robert
19th Feb 2002, 11:30

Glad you enjoyed it!

If you were one of the estimated 1000+ visitors who passed through the VC10 on the 16th, then we probably met unknowingly. I was stewarding the VC10 on both 16th and 17th. Spent a total of 19 hours with the 10 over the weekend.

Will order my Pprune badge today and wear it down there whenever I'm on volunteer duty, which is usually weekends.

I'm still up for the Wisley walkabout.


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24th Feb 2002, 22:57
Yes R, I did go thru the VC10 and spoke to somebody about an anti-algae preparation for putting on the roof of caravans and motorhomes that may be appropriate to the state the VC10 is getting in -was that you?

Rgds. .DOC

1st Mar 2002, 01:28
Will be at Wisley at 11,00 4/3/02.

Contact no. 07860 595355


R for Robert
1st Mar 2002, 11:05
Doc,. .No not me, spent most of the day at the rear door controlling entry. Interesting idea about the algae though. See you Monday @ 1100 and talk about it then.

Regards,. .R

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3rd Mar 2002, 15:55
Hi all,. .. .Afraid I wont be able to make it to Wisley tomorrow (I wouldn't have been able to offer many educated opinions anyway I'm only 20!) but this morning I took a little detour to said airfield in the trusty Astra.. .. .A word of warning: THE OCKHAM ROAD (B2039) WAS CLOSED so NO ACCESS from A3 roundabout signed to Ockham. . .. .Heading SOUTHBOUND I turned LEFT off the A3 into the Dead end road signed to ELM CORNER. (just after a lay-by just after the slip road from M25 joins the A3)...there is a bus stop by the entrance to this small road). NOTE: You can only get into it if you are heading SOUTHBOUND on the A3. Once on the track you cant miss the big gate with the sad expanse of what I can only presume was the main apron. Theres space there for approx. 4 cars.. .. .I dont want to spoil it for everyone tomorrow but what I saw made me pretty sad even though I have no connection with Vickers and any of the aircraft that flew there.. .. .I strolled about on the apron for 5 minutes or so.. .What struck me first is the steep incline up to what must be where the runway is! Did they use a tug to get the aircraft up there?. .. .There is a MASSIVE pile of old tyres up there too!. .. .The Ockham VOR is up that way as I took another detour up to Martyr's Green (where there is a rather nice pub). (unfortunately, due closure of Ockham Road, only way to get up there with car will be to go back onto A3, round the first roundabout and back on yourself then down on to the roundabout for the M25 and BACK ON YOURSELF again onto the A3! Then turn off the sliproad where it says Effingham and follow up there. After a wooded section, the VOR is on your right.. .. .Hope this is of some help and not too confusing!. .. .I only wish I could make tomorrow. p.s. if any of you ppruners was the guy in the silver clio, sorry if i was a little brief! it was early!!!. .. .Cheers. .NC

4th Mar 2002, 00:57
Thanx for your help, NC.. .. .It is possible to park where you said and then walk the entire airfield from there.. .. .Its always struck me as well what a slope it is from the main apron up/down to/from the runway.. .. .Rgds. .DOC

5th Mar 2002, 13:39
Sorry team...was stuck in the Indian sub-continent due fog at DEL. Always interested in airfield walks tho this summer if anymore come up.

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8th Mar 2002, 00:08
So did the trip go ahead? . .Would be great if someone could post on here what they saw/talked about etc. as I'm sure I'm not the only one who would have liked to be there!. .Cheers. .NC

8th Mar 2002, 03:07
Its a bad enough spot as it is, given that its locally pretty well known as a turd burglars rendezvous. So I probably didnt look out of place rushing round asking people if they were pruners.. .. .Maybe next time.

9th Mar 2002, 21:54
Yep! R 4 Robert and me and DOG.400 walked the apron, taxiways and full length of the runway, (2300m I believe) managing to avoid bikers pulling wheelies!!!!. .. .From 'getmapping.com' it is quite clear where the hangers were, but barely any evidence from the ground except for cut off I-columns and below floor ducts.. .. .Runway in remarkably good condition (then it hasn't been used for 'planes for since 1973!) including the numbers, centre line, piano keys and instrument touch down markers.. .. .Were u there Smaug? -we left the parking area at 11ish to walk around for about hour and a half.. .. .Also recommend the Ship in Ripley for lunch!. .. .DOC. . . . <small>[ 09 March 2002, 17:57: Message edited by: DOC.400 ]</small>

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11th Mar 2002, 13:14
DOC, did you manage to avoid the burnt out Mondeo on the centreline???. .I paid a visit up there with the missus yesterday. Avoided said bikers too!. .First time I went i didn't get up to the runway but managed it this time. What a stunning sight standing at the threshold!. .Mind you, I had the urge to keep turning around as I strolled. That runway looked too good to be inactive.. .Maybe we should suggest it to Steven Byers.... (cough)