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28th Mar 2002, 06:34
Wonder if this was the first case of aerial sabotage, or due to the transportation of dangerous goods.. .<a href="http://www.planecrashinfo.com/1933/1933-2.htm" target="_blank">http://www.planecrashinfo.com/1933/1933-2.htm</a>. .. .The first documented case of using an onboard explosive device to bring down an aircraft was, I suppose, the Canadian Pacific DC-3 in September of 1949.. .I have a book, "This Day in History," written by a retired police reporter from Toronto. His information on the accident is somewhat sketchy, but he seems to think a strong case of aerial sabotage could be made in this 1933 Imperial Airways crash.. .It seems the prime suspect was one Albert Voss, a British dentist of German ..ahem.. extraction, whom the police suspected of smuggling. He had boarded the aircraft in Brussels with another man, a known dealer in stolen goods. Just before the aircraft crossed the coast, an observer saw a puff of smoke near the tail, and 'something big' fall out, after which the aircraft crashed. The 'something big' was Voss' body, which was found about a mile from the crash site.. .According to the police, the only plausible reason for the onboard explosion, other than sabotage, was that Voss may have been carrying a highly volatile chemical used at that time in the manufacture of dentures. He was, after all, a dentist.

28th Mar 2002, 08:54
The tooth will out one day.. .Speaking of sabotage, Air India lost a 1049 in the fifties. I think the aircraft was named "Kashmiri Princess". Anyone have any info?. . . . <small>[ 28 March 2002, 04:58: Message edited by: Bus429 ]</small>

28th Mar 2002, 22:37
11 April 1955:. .<a href="http://aviation-safety.net/database/1955/550411-1.htm" target="_blank">http://aviation-safety.net/database/1955/550411-1.htm</a>

31st Mar 2002, 15:37
There was a hijacking in Peru 21 Feb 31 (Pan Am mail Fokker F7 commandeered by revolutionaries to drop leaflets) and a confirmed destruction of a United Boeing 247 on 10 Oct 33 (all 7 killed by nitroglycerine bomb; no prosection). There was also a Phillipine Air Line DC3 destroyed with the loss of all 13 on board on 7 May 49 by "contract" bombers any several hijackings, one with fatal consequences, before the well known Canadian DC3.
Further to Bus429's it was likely to have had a political motive, the passengers being Chinese delegates and jounalists travelling from Hong Kong to Bandung, Indonesia for a conference. An aircraft cleaner was implacated in planting the device.