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22nd Mar 2002, 23:09
My dull journey home on the M40 was made all the more interesting yesterday when I saw a DC-3 Dakota passing overhead near Warwick (UK). It seemed to be a warbird due to it's matt green finish and D-Day livery. Does anyone know who owns it or where it's based, I'm guessing it might have something to do with Duxford ?

22nd Mar 2002, 23:45
The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight's Dakota has been on maintenance with Air Atlantique at Coventry, I suspect it may have been theirs. Also one of South Coast Airways Dakotas, based at Bournemouth, is still painted in D-Day colours after having been used in the filming of "Band Of Brothers."

23rd Mar 2002, 13:56
Said DC3 landed at Bristol yesterday at 1500, lovely sight! <img border="0" title="" alt="[Smile]" src="smile.gif" />

24th Mar 2002, 13:52
The C47 in question lives in a hanger at Kemble,is on the N register,& is believed to be Swiss owned.It has been active this week,having been in maintenance thru the winter.Finished in D Day markings,with the code J8 on the nose.Does this help?

24th Mar 2002, 17:46
it was in cranfield the other day along with a t-28 for an air display pilots forum in the library

25th Mar 2002, 12:38
Thanks for the info folks. Based at Kemble eh ? Quite a few interesting a/c down there...did the Buc at Deltajets ever get airborne ?