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19th Mar 2002, 03:53
The 16th August 2002 is the 50th Birthday of the Bristol Britannia. We have a busy year ahead.. .. .We hope to finally complete the re-paint of Britannia XM496 back to RAF livery. There will be a number of open days at Kemble when the Trusts aircraft will be available to vistors. . .. .We are hoping to hold a dinner on the 16th August for those involved in the history of this aircraft. It will be a ticket type do to raise funds.. .. .If anyone can help in anyway or is interested in attending, please drop me a line to: [email protected]. .. .We plan to taxi the last remaining active Britannia XM496 and the aircraft will be available from viewing.. .. .I look forward to hearing from any interested parties.. .. .Steve Lewis, Trustee. .Britannia Aircraft Preservation Trust. .<a href="http://www.bristol-britannia.co.uk" target="_blank">www.bristol-britannia.co.uk</a>

19th Mar 2002, 17:22
496 looked a bit sorry for herself when I was at Kemble on Sunday - panels left lying open etc.. .. .She seems to look worse each time!

19th Apr 2002, 02:02
She may look that way but thats because she is being prepared for painting. This had be halted over the winter.

Interested to know which panels you saw open. If it was the belly holds, then a closer inspection would show that they are infact locked in an open position to allow airflow through the aircraft...without allowing any unwelcome guests.

With luck we should have her back in RAF Transport Livery by June/July and taxing at the Air Day.;)

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