View Full Version : De Havilland DH82a Tiger Moth c/n T289

18th Mar 2002, 13:57
I flew this old girl in Australia as VH-ALC. Understand that the machine was exported to Germany and then some years later to the UK.. .Can anyone confirm the above and quote a few registrations. I would be most grateful to know that ALC was alive and well.. .Many thanks in advance.

18th Mar 2002, 22:54
A quick bit of googling..... .c/n is 82360, RAF serial N9259, RAAF T-289 (? doesn't look right to me), VH-ALC, D-EAJO, G-BXBO deregistered 19/4/99. Don't know where it is now. One of the reggie spotters' groups could probably say.

tiger burn
19th Mar 2002, 01:35
I'll refer this onto deHMC & see if they can shed any light for you.. .If you have any further queries, do try [email protected]. .. .rgds,. .tb

Captain Gerry
23rd Mar 2002, 15:27
Paper Tiger. .. .My records show that VH-ALC was constructors number 82360 and retained its RAF serial number N9259 during its service with the RAAF. The T number (T289) was a number allocated to an airframe undergoing overhaul by de H Australia and it has nothing to do with serial numbers or constructors numbers. ALC had various owners in Australia including the Newcastle Aero CLub. Don't know when it left Australia.. .. .Happy landings