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7th May 2012, 11:28
I apologise for posting a serious query on a Monday morning....

Like most communities here our urbanisation has briliant yellow sodium street light. But lying in bed the night before last and looking out of the window up our mountainside, I observed one light was now a brilliant blue-white. Walked up there last night but it is too bright to observe details of the light source, however it's exactly the same colour as the outside security lights on the house, which are fitted with eco-lamps, 8 watts rated power for 100 watts equivalent light. Down in Roses town I can see one or two similar blue-white lights have appeared in the middle of rows of sodium street lights. Presumably as the sodium bulbs fail ?

Anyone out there with any knowledge of new developments in street lighting ?

at night when there is no one about

Hey, this is Spain, Sitig ! Discos open at 2 a.m..........

7th May 2012, 11:42
If they want to save energy and the cost that goes with it, why don't they do as is done here, and many other countries, and turn the damn things off at night when there is no one about?

west lakes
7th May 2012, 11:43
Yes there are a number of LED street lights now available as well as other designs.

Windy Militant
7th May 2012, 12:50
When I worked briefly on streetlighting in the late eighties
The Orange lights were SOX or low pressure Sodium lamps. The SOX lights were cheap and energy efficient but could cause problems with visibility of cars in certain colours. Remember the old BLMC harvest gold, which would all but disappear under SOX lights.
The alternative were Mercury vapour or SON high pressure Sodium which gave a whiter light but were more expensive and so only went up in posh areas.

Now due to environmental and safety concerns the Mercury discharge and SOX lights, which can explode spectacularly when broken in water, are being phased out for ceramic discharge metal-halide (CDM) lamps which are reasonable efficient and white.

7th May 2012, 16:42
They're LED street lights. They're designed to exactly replace exisitng lamps but they last much longer and use a lot less energy. They are, however, very expensive - at least, at present. Three worldwide lighting companies, Philips and two others, are in the race to produce them from silicon. At present they are made from much more expensive composites. I've replaced a number of lamps in our house with LED's, now that they've got the colour better. The best I've got is in my table lamp. It gives an excellent bright white light but was 19!

7th May 2012, 16:56
Many of them have nasty little inverters in them producing lots of radio interference