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7th May 2012, 06:16
after another story about another person who's eaten his (- in that case) body into immobility I couldn't help but wonder about what he said about his sister (who "does the food shopping and most of the cooking"):

But a tearful Keith lashed out at critics who have blamed her for his size. He said: 'I live with my two sisters - one of them has severe special needs.
'The other is my 54-year-old sister who has done everything for me.
'She would plead with me to eat less, and even trick me into eating smaller portions. She convinced me to make healthier choices, like cooking burgers in the oven rather than frying them.

'But for a long time I could still walk to the kitchen and feed myself. And it was difficult for her to say no to me - she loves me and didn't want to say no when I told her I was hungry and wanted food.

'Whenever I say things like "I'm a fat waste of space" or "I don't want to go on," she is there to tell me I'm not allowed to think that. She's incredible and people have no right to judge.

Read more: Keith Martin: Horrifying life of world's fattest man | Mail Online (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2140307/Keith-Martin-Horrifying-life-worlds-fattest-man.html#ixzz1uA17SMIz)

So, it was difficult for her to say no. Still we say NO! when a child tries to put the fingers into the interesting holes of a socket, for example. Even though they get mad. An adult is supposed to make their own choices, of course, but...
so, she's loved him SO much... ? When is it bad to love too much? Or is it love, then?

7th May 2012, 06:34
If he was on a death wish he was allowed to fulfil it. If he was addicted to eating he could have had treatment.

No sympathy here.

7th May 2012, 07:27
...cooking burgers in the oven rather than frying them...

To be fair, he isn't blaming anyone but himself when he talks about going to the kitchen and feeding himself, however someone has been feeding him since he became bed-bound... If you did that sort of thing to an animal you would get it taken off you at the very least, and charged with animal cruelty in some cases.

I suppose food can, like anything else, become an addiction but it must be one of the easiest ones to treat, if you actually want to treat it.

He hasn't worked since before 9/11... I can't believe the state gives him as much in benefits considering this is a self inflicted condition... pensioners who have worked and contributed all their lives are no better off than him.

No doubt if he somehow manages to loose a lot of weight, he will need surgery to remove all the extra skin, and he will have health problems in the future whatever happens... more of a drain on the NHS... and he will probably never work again, therefore never contribute...

No sympathy as far as him feeling sorry for himself, however (being charitable here as it has taken him years to 'realise'), at least he seems to be doing something about it now.

No doubt there will be some fluffy bunnies on here who will point to his mother dying as his trigger and say it's not his fault. I really think, what with longevity increasing the burden on a beleaguered health system, that self inflicted conditions should be treated by self funding and the NHS 'free' service should be retained for genuine illnesses (I can hear the fluffies already, saying this is a genuine illness...)

7th May 2012, 08:44
Just leave him there with a hosepipe and a big bucket. He'll recover.

7th May 2012, 12:48
It might help if they stored an oversized casket in his room with a nearby deririck device

7th May 2012, 15:27
OK, but let's imagine now one's his sister (no personal offences, just a case study). One sees that the brother is getting fat-overweight-obese-morbidly obese. And STILL you bring home food he craves for, oven-bake the hamburgers... one begs him to stop, he does not listen... he has to lie naked in bed, no clothes to fit him... and one loves him so much.
if he was an alcoholic, would a sister do the same? Bring booze, as 'he wants to'?
Probably not, booze is bad. Why isn't too much food as bad as booze?
If he had had a wife to keep him on rabbit food, it would not have happened. :}
And how crazy can the world be - he can't work because he eats too much?

Lon More
7th May 2012, 15:34
If he had had a wife to keep him on rabbit food, it would not have happened.

He'd have been driven to drink long before in that case.

west lakes
7th May 2012, 15:34
Or is it nothing really to do with love but more about taking the easiest route (as seems to be the case in many families).
Love is hard, needs hard decisions so it is easier to indulge the bad habits than try to stop them