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tony draper
4th May 2012, 07:40
Arses tomorrow something is afoot in the sky.
ScienceCasts: The Super Moon of May 2012 - YouTube

4th May 2012, 08:58
A full moon has no effect on human behavior?

I can tell you now there'll be no nookies for me tomorrow and
she'll pick a fight over something trivial. With a "super Moon"
she'll probably deck me too! :ouch:

Solid Rust Twotter
4th May 2012, 09:01
Dead easy, Slash. Round up a bunch of mates and go out on the lash until she settles down again. Pizza and beer cures all ills.:ok:

tony draper
4th May 2012, 09:07
One is of course familiar with the big Moon on the horizon illusion,once getting out of a car,nice summer evening and briefly glimpsed a absolutely huge Moon halfway above the tree line across the valley it seemed to fill a quarter of the hoizon,turn to the others and said look at that! turned back round and the illusion was gone,still looked bigger than normal but not that momentary mirage,so I reckon tiz definitly caused by summat inside our noggins.

4th May 2012, 09:41
It would be nice to be able to see a celestial body. 8 octas, overcast at 200 ft and I have forgotten what that big orange ball in the sky is. Perhaps Hecate will see fit to draw down the moon when the TAF calls for broken clouds at 1800 feet...!

For, by the sacred radiance of the sun,
The mysteries of Hecate, and the night;
By all the operation of the orbs
From whom we do exist, and cease to be;
Here I disclaim all my paternal care,
Propinquity and property of blood,
And as a stranger to my heart and me
Hold thee, from this, for ever.Caco

tony draper
4th May 2012, 10:00
The Moon of Other Days

Beneath the deep veranda's shade,
When bats begin to fly,
I sit me down and watch -- alas! --
Another evening die.
Blood-red behind the sere ferash
She rises through the haze.
Sainted Diana! can that be
The Moon of Other Days?

Ah! shade of little Kitty Smith,
Sweet Saint of Kensington!
Say, was it ever thus at Home
The Moon of August shone,
When arm in arm we wandered long
Through Putney's evening haze,
And Hammersmith was Heaven beneath
The moon of Other Days?

But Wandle's stream is Sutlej now,
And Putney's evening haze
The dust that half a hundered kine
Before my window raise.
Unkempt, unclean, athwart the mist
The seething city looms,
In place of Putney's golden gorse
The sickly babul blooms.

Glare down, old Hecate, through the dust,
And bid the pie-dog yell,
Draw from the drain its typhoid-term,
From each bazaar its smell;
Yea, suck the fever from the tank
And sap my strength therewith:
Thank Heaven, you show a smiling face
To little Kitty Smith!

Kipling of course.

4th May 2012, 11:13
Nothing like a good Kiple every now and again Mr D.

4th May 2012, 12:41
So he did pomes as well as cakes!

4th May 2012, 12:44
I suppose I will have to shave more than once then.

4th May 2012, 12:57
Not sure what it says for me - I'm 65 tomorrow!

4th May 2012, 13:26
Rain forecast for these parts tomorrow - nothing to worry about then :ok:

PS - Have a Happy Birthday Radeng

Windy Militant
4th May 2012, 13:36
So Is this the best time for a Moon Shot as it's as closer to us and all that. Or do we have to be on the lookout for Moon Nazi's returning to instigate the 5th Reich.:}

4th May 2012, 14:59
Does such a full moon mean that we'll all turn into bona-fide

<hat, coat, combat boots. Exit stage left.>

4th May 2012, 15:06
Hey Windy

Did I sleep through the Fourth then ?

4th May 2012, 15:28
T0ok this picture from my terrace last month about 5 a.m.

It was swollen and gibbous.....(the moon that is). Lots of back-scattered light, too.


4th May 2012, 15:33

I'm very glad you defined what was swollen and gibbous.

4th May 2012, 15:50
The largest ever recorded


4th May 2012, 15:53

Big a** moon? Watch your mouth please. I work in Da Bronx and see lots and lots of big a** moons all day. None of which are celestial.

4th May 2012, 16:30
Pizza and beer cures all ills.
I can't disagree with that SRT - thems is part of the 5 major
food groups. And yep she picked a fight.....I forgot to fill the
car up on the way home from work - you'd swear blind I had
totalled the bloody thing or somethin'.

Went flying tonight and yeh there's a full moon out but didn't
notice anything unusual about it size. I guess if its 50,400km
closer, given a nominal distance of 239,000sm, it won't make
that big an obvious difference - except for usual lensing effect
of the atmosphere at low elevations above the horizon.

BTW loma that big ass moon of yours looks's if its had a gerbil
forcibly removed from it! :bored:

4th May 2012, 17:38
BTW loma that big ass moon of yours looks's if its had a gerbil
forcibly removed from it! http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/src:www.pprune.org/get/images/smilies/wbored.gif

Those pock marks are hemorrhoids scars

Loose rivets
4th May 2012, 22:57
This was a peculiar moon. Potted from me window on Walton on the Naze cliff top. Seemed to stay like that far too long to be cloud, yet the expected curve should have been on the bottom. (Yes, of the moon! I don't know . . .)


That thing about excessive bigness, Mr D. I was on an Essex road one lovely evening. Looked to the south, and there was Orion. But it was waaaay too big. I stopped, and stared. No mistake, that's what it was, but never seen it like that again.

4th May 2012, 23:15
I shot this a few years ago, as it was setting behind some trees at home. ;)


4th May 2012, 23:29
Mad at work=full moon ;-)

5th May 2012, 07:51
The most mysterius moons I've seen are the February full-ones when it's cold and ominously bright blue all over the place.

5th May 2012, 08:07
Oh you only see rare things like that once in the blue moon Probes.

5th May 2012, 18:49
Yep, and that's what makes it worth living in the totally nasty north! (and the SPRING, of course).
Actually, one has to look behind one to make sure there's no car or big flashlights or anything, even though one knows it's the MOON!

5th May 2012, 19:14
Got a real piece of it (2 pieces actually) in the safe a few feet behind me.

NASA keep threatening to come and confiscate them...

Good job the samples are in the UK!

5th May 2012, 22:15
Well I just sneaked a look outside and it appears no different than what it did last night. http://serve.mysmiley.net/indifferent/indifferent0022.gif