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Uncle Fred
26th Apr 2012, 20:05
I know that this can get a bit pedantic as there are ales, lagers, stouts, porters etc. I know also that such a question is, at the face of it, patently unfair as there are so many different tastes. Quite frankly I dislike the idea of "the best" list as there are too many factors involved.

But for those who enjoy a good pint being pulled (and I am not saying I do and I am not saying I don't) what do PPRuners think of as the best "beer" of all?

The question stems from a reference I saw to a craft beer from the West Coast called Pliny the Younger. Ratings were being filed that it was one of the best beers in the world--a rather strong claim to be sure Pliny The Younger - Russian River Brewing Company - Santa Rosa, CA - BeerAdvocate (http://beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/863/21690)

Just curious what stands among the favorites (a better phrase IMHO than "the best"). Certainly there must be a consensus as to what stands near the top.

Sir George Cayley
26th Apr 2012, 20:12
This beer disappeared years ago but appears to be back.

Welcome to Joule's | Joule's Brewery (http://www.joulesbrewery.co.uk/index.php)

There IS a God - and he lives in Stoke on Trent:ok:


26th Apr 2012, 20:36
Certainly there must be a consensus as to what stands near the top.

The first cold one after a hard day's work........

Victor Inox
26th Apr 2012, 20:39
A truly excellent beer, not least due to the quality of the water used for brewing: Murree Beer from Pakistan.

26th Apr 2012, 20:48
Theakston's XB, from the wood.

Others are nice for a change, but you can drink this your whole life.

and I'm not just saying that 'cos they sponsored our Squadron. That just made it free.

Hopback Summer Lightning when it's warm

This lot seem to agree with me
BeerCast #27 – Beer of the Year 2008 | The BeerCast (http://thebeercast.com/2009/01/beercast-27-beer-of-the-year-2008.html)

26th Apr 2012, 21:08
For me, Directors Bitter, brewed by the Courage Brewery, had the perfect blend, texture and taste, and being hand pulled, was not horribly gassy.

A truly delicious brew!


I first discovered Directors at the Lamb and Flag in Rose Street, Covent Garden in the late 70's, along with their famous cheese sandwiches, open fires, and original exterior gas lighting.


Courage sold the pub, so they no longer sell Directors (and I no longer drink alcohol).

26th Apr 2012, 21:16
Billy Beer

No longer made

tastes like piss

26th Apr 2012, 21:17

That ends this thread. The above is without rivals.

(I will concede that Windhoek Light, Windhoek Maibock, Windhoek Draught, and Windhoek Special are pretty good too!)

flying lid
26th Apr 2012, 21:36
A pint of Tetleys best bitter, hand pulled in the Bootham Bar Pub in York.

And that is a rare compliment to Yorkshire from a Lancastrian !!


Uncle Fred
26th Apr 2012, 21:39
That ends this thread. The above is without rivals.

I am sure that many would like to put its through its paces. I would however, hate to end the thread right out of the gate!

B Fraser
26th Apr 2012, 22:05
When the thread opened, I thought of Windhoek. It's cracking stuff. The Germans had Namibia as a colony and the old brewing laws were enforced which are known as the Reinheitsgebot. The law only allows, yeast, barley (or wheat), water and hops to be used, nothing else. The continent may have gone to the dogs but they still make one of the world's very best beers.

Mass produced American beer is I'm afraid, like making love in a canoe. Farking close to water. Coors, Miller, Schlitz :yuk:
The micro-breweries are gaining a foothold so there's some hope.

Lord Spandex Masher
26th Apr 2012, 22:06

Pah ha ha ha ha ha!

26th Apr 2012, 22:13
I'd have to agree with BandAide..

Local craft IPA my first choice, following that other IPA's that may be available, with microbreweries taking precedence.

I always prefer to buy local made beers where possible.

In NYC we have had a boon of microbreweries pop up that make some great beers.

I find the microbrewery beers to be more flavourful.

26th Apr 2012, 22:14
The best Tetley's I recall was served in the Town Hall Tavern, in a Friday afternoon lock-in, but enough of that.

Irrespective of the fact that I worked for Greene King for a while (when it was still a local brewery) and am still partial to their products (IPA at lunchtime, Abbott in the evenings) my personal favourite is Butcombe bitter. An excellent, well-balanced pint that refreshes all sorts of prats that other beers do not reach. (Sp deliberate). Unfortunately my local doesn't often stock it so I have to rely on Exmoor Ale which is a similar brew - just I prefer Butcombe, thank you very much.

26th Apr 2012, 22:32
The cheapest - and lots of it.

26th Apr 2012, 22:54
Spingo - a pint of middle

26th Apr 2012, 23:15
My fave down here is:
Buy Doom Bar Beer Online | Buy Beer From Sharps (http://www.sharpsbrewery.co.uk/our-beers/doombar/)

The autumn Red Ale is a real treat too.

Standard Noise
26th Apr 2012, 23:16
Doom Bar..............and Atlantic IPA, both from Sharps.

26th Apr 2012, 23:22
I used to love a pint of Castle Eden. Or a Tetley's from virtually any pub in Yorkshire (not that I've been to them all!), but outside forget it - it doesn't travel well.

27th Apr 2012, 00:09
Shepherd Neame's Spitfire, Fullers London Pride, and Purple Moose Glaslyn Ale.

27th Apr 2012, 02:01
This has to be somewhere near the top


Yeah, OK. I am taking the piss :E

27th Apr 2012, 02:26

Can't get it over here. Do they even make it any more?

27th Apr 2012, 02:45

27th Apr 2012, 03:10
Marston's Pedigree

Draught Bass

Guinness (when served right... and 98% of the time it's not :{)

27th Apr 2012, 04:13
As one lives in Utah---home of the FLDS movement, I am kind of partial to:

http://www.wasatchbeers.com/images/PolygamyPorter_WasatchBottles.jpg and they even have t-shirts http://www.wasatchbeers.com/shop/components/com_virtuemart/shop_image/product/Utah_s_Big_Love__4b9fe0e9b2fe3.jpg

27th Apr 2012, 04:46
It's all down to personal taste of course. Greene King IPA from my local sets the benchmark for me. I do like a bottle of Spitfire or London Pride when at home.

27th Apr 2012, 04:53

Brewed around the corner from me.You'll note that they make a low alcohol beer as well.Actually,I second Tableview's claim,Windhoek Lager is my favourite followed by Kronenburg 1664 (best during summer with fish and chips)

27th Apr 2012, 05:11
My fave is the Erdinger Wheat Beer (cloudy). The whole process from the pour to the taste is sublime.

Towards the end of the pour, you need to agitate the bottle to mix in the goodness, which gives the cloudy mist, along with the good head.


hmmm - i think i need to go and have a lies down now.

Oh yes -tastes good to.

27th Apr 2012, 05:18
Best beer, worst beer, it all ends here...


Solid Rust Twotter
27th Apr 2012, 05:20
Windhoek is a thin copy of what it could be if it could escape the mass market filtration, pasteurisation and artificial carbonation. Difficult to do as most folks have no idea how to look after beer.

I like this one...



Ginger beer coming soon...


But then I'm biased.:}:ok:

27th Apr 2012, 05:24
Looks like a cat has had a go at your fish there Mr.SRT :}

27th Apr 2012, 05:58
Coopers Sparkling Ale - still family owned, and using the original yeast "plant".

Now the only Australian-owned brewery.

Coopers - Age Confirmation (http://www.coopers.com.au)

Solid Rust Twotter
27th Apr 2012, 06:04
Just me being weak of will and having a quick nibble before taking a pic, Mr TWT.:ok:

27th Apr 2012, 06:19
red on tap.
Not too strong anyway (4,6 or so max), to be able to drink more :).
Btw, the best non-alcohol (that tastes like beer, not perfume)
http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQyh0E9qFIr95lBshMqiHE1itzgUW63OY6S1jsAfYt h6J2OrNscaQ
(the number has to be zero instead of the ? - in case you're driving. Haven't risked others, was told about the 0-thing by a friend).

27th Apr 2012, 06:23
Adnams Broadside perhaps?

Corporate Identity Icons :: Epic Icons :: Chris Mitchell (http://www.epicicons.com/detail.php?i=248&c=1)

27th Apr 2012, 06:39

And up a bit on the atlas:

http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQoGTOPXhCeZK41KwBQ3bc6XzpfSg2DV2s6asWpa3g _5EPl8bc7

27th Apr 2012, 06:43
Best beer, worst beer, it all ends here...


Some I have tried appear to have started there.

27th Apr 2012, 07:13
Either Straw Dog or Golden Jackal from the Wolf Brewery. Both superb, full of flavour beers.

27th Apr 2012, 07:38
Greenmantle Ale from The Broughton Brewery

Greenmantle Ale is a dark copper coloured ale with a rich fruit bitter sweet flavour reminiscent of gooseberries and a pleasant, clean hop-bitter aftertaste.

Greenmantle falls into the category of a Scottish 80/- Ale and at 3.9% ABV is a very drinkable session ale.

27th Apr 2012, 08:23
Abbott Ale from Greene King or, secondly, Courage Director's Bitter.

The only things I miss from the Old Country!

27th Apr 2012, 09:26
After many, many years of 'testing' and having "just one more" it has to be Fullers London Pride, or if you want to get silly quicker Fullers ESB :O

Worrals in the wilds
27th Apr 2012, 09:54
I do like Little Creatures Pale Ale.
Well worth visiting the brewery if you're in Freemantle WA, it has a lovely back deck where you can try the products, have a meal and ogle other people's very expensive yachts. :ok:

Most of the big beers in Australia remind me of the Simpson's clip::yuk:

green granite
27th Apr 2012, 10:17
For strong beer The Black sheep brewery's Riggwelter takes some beating

Ales Yorkshire, Blacksheep Riggwelter Ale, Strong Ale, Real Ale - Black Sheep Brewery (http://www.blacksheepbrewery.com/beers/riggwelter_cask_ale/)

And for ordinary cooking bitter St. Peter’s Best Bitter from theses people

index (http://www.stpetersbrewery.co.uk/)

27th Apr 2012, 10:22
It depends on how well the pub keeps it.

Phnuff has two of my top ones with Straw Dog and Golden Jackal - both frequent visitors to my local, which claims to be the best pub in Suffolk for good beer. I don't really care whether or not it's the best: it's darn good in any case.

Adnams Broadside and Explorer are excellent; Woodforde's Wherry is delightful (as are their other various brews). St Peter's are good, too.

The ones I go for most are the local microbrewery ones - the Victoria in Earl Soham has several, all of them delightful.

I find the London ones lacking in finesse, in comparison to the East Anglians. They're also horribly more expensive - which is a bit of a downer, since in my experience you don't buy them, you only rent them (briefly).

Some of the Yorkshire ones aren't bad, either, but the "smooth and creamy" stuff doesn't suit my palate.

27th Apr 2012, 11:15
Tennents Sheffield brewery best bitter. Except it was bought by Whitbread in 1964 and disappeared.

Of UK beers, in no particular order, Wadworth's 6X, Sam Smith's Old Brewery Bitter, Marston's Pedigree.

Of US beers, the best is the north county San Diego brewery one named after me - Arrogant Bastard, it's called.

Australia - VB is not too bad, and there's a Tasmanian one which is better.

New Zealand - Speight's from Dunedin. Better than any of the Oz beers.

Bavaria - Paulaner Brau.

Germany (rest of) Erdinger Weiss beer

Sweden Svendrup's Old Gold.

Netherlands. Never had an even decent beer there.

Belgium - take your choice!

France Meteor - but seems to be only available in Alsace

Norway. Don't know, will find out in June.

Worrals in the wilds
27th Apr 2012, 11:30
and there's a Tasmanian one which is better.
Cascade perchance? Quite a decent beer.

27th Apr 2012, 11:31

Yes, Cascade.

27th Apr 2012, 12:13
The quality of any beer is determined by the level of thirst the potential drinker is experiencing. I have gladly accepted, and enjoyed, a glass of stuff I would normally turn my nose up at when there is nothing else available, and cacti are sprouting from my tongue.

27th Apr 2012, 12:23
Very true.I have spent a month in Pakistan,where the only beer available was Indian Kingfisher beer.Awful stuff,they put glycerine in it as a preservative.I did however,only just now,find out how to remove most of the glycerine:


27th Apr 2012, 12:25
My local has about 12 different micro-brew a week on tap. Best recent ales were St Peters Ruby from Suffolk (they have one pub in London, The Jerusalem in Farringdon). Butcombe Rare Breed and Hopbacks Taiphoon.

Mmmmm. :)

27th Apr 2012, 15:17
I tend to be a cider drinker, rather than beer, but if I'm in a real ale mood I tend to hunt down a decent pint of Deuchar's IPA from the Caledonian brewery.

heli-cal: thanks for the piccy of the Lamb and Flag. I used to go in there a couple of times a month when I was in London on a weekly basis. Good pub, good beer, good grub. What else do you need?

Well, apart from good nookie, of course!

Load Toad
27th Apr 2012, 15:26
There is a god & he is from Stoke-on-Trent:

#2 Titanic Brewery - Home (http://www.titanicbrewery.co.uk/)


A combination of Maris Otter pale malt and fine wheat malt, give this refreshing beer real zest. Add refreshing Yakima Galena and Cascade hops and what you get is a fantastic wheat beer that will hole any passing thirst.

Load Toad
27th Apr 2012, 15:27
However - that said in humid HKG doing the appledrinks at this pub gives me immense pleasure:

The Globe - Bar and Cafe (http://www.theglobe.com.hk/)

27th Apr 2012, 15:44
As someone said earlier, there's only ONE best beer in the World.

Greene King Abbott.

The World's BEST bitter.

The late XV105
27th Apr 2012, 15:49
Batemans Combined Harvest Multigrain Beer (http://hywelsbiglog.wordpress.com/2010/10/22/beer-review-batemans-combined-harvest-multigrain-beer/) :ok:

27th Apr 2012, 17:50

27th Apr 2012, 17:52
Betty Stogs - or almost any beer or lager from Skinners Brewery in Cornwall. Truly scrumptious the lot of them!!!!!

27th Apr 2012, 18:22
Cargo, and Stormin, you both beat me to it, Abbott, the only beer in the world.

27th Apr 2012, 20:47
Gotta be a close-run thing between Adnam's Broadside (especially if you can ever find it on draught); Fuller's ESB, or Morland's Old Crafty Hen.
All good strong English Bitters, which is what beer is all about, methinks!


27th Apr 2012, 20:55
I can't believe no one has mentioned it yet....................

..................... My home brewed Yorkshire bitter. And only 40p per pint. :ok:

flying lid
27th Apr 2012, 22:06
I'm glad your home brew is a fine pint.

My home brew looks like piss, tastes like piss and smells like piss. In fact I flushed it straight down the toilet thus "cutting out the middle man". !!

Never again.


27th Apr 2012, 22:52
Woodfordse Wherry is a dam fine beer !

Previously mentioned , but a particular favourite..... Hopback Summer Liightning

27th Apr 2012, 23:28
Lots of good ales mentioned: Woodeforde'sWherry (but Nelson's Revenge is even better), Adnams Broadside, Greene King Abbot Ale, etc, etc but no-one has mentioned another small(ish ) brewery in the north west of England. Jennings brewery in Cockermouth and their Snecklifter!

28th Apr 2012, 00:08
Jennings brewery in Cockermouth and their Snecklifter!

Lovely ale in the winter.

I don't like to advertise pubs but the one on Sheffield station deserves a bit of a mention. It is far from the normal station bar, plenty of hand-pulls with local brewery Thornbridge providing many ales. IPAs dominate and they are all pretty strong, 5.1 % was the weakest I could find and very nice it was too. Dark Star had a few ales and a couple from Mordue in the NE.

28th Apr 2012, 02:29
Its been mentioned before. However, has always been and will always be. ESB if you want the same taste on a rocket.


im from uranus
28th Apr 2012, 03:07
Jennings brewery in Cockermouth and their Snecklifter!
Lovely ale in the winter.

Jennings hits the spot for me. Knowing the area, and knowing Jeremy, the head brewer, may affect my choice but tbh, I love the stuff. Also in Cockermouth you have 'The Bitter End' which had a micro brewery behind, now moved on but still producing fantastic beers. If you're in the lakes, go find!

28th Apr 2012, 03:53
Coopers Pale Ale brewed in Adelaide
Stone & Wood Pacific Ale brewed in Byron Bay

Just two of my favourites. There are plenty more!:)

Solid Rust Twotter
28th Apr 2012, 06:17
I have five gallons of English Bitter conditioning which needs to be broached soon. Also have two gallons left of a very good Bock made with crystal malt, giving a rich chocolate flavour in a mild beer. Ten gallons of ginger beer currently brewing, made with leftover crystal malt. Should be interesting...

wings folded
28th Apr 2012, 08:43
I find the London ones lacking in finesse, in comparison to the East Anglians.
If you haven't already, you should try the ales from the Milton Brewery in Cambridge. Excellent stuff.

28th Apr 2012, 10:01
I think I posted a while ago that I could not see past Hopback Summer Lightning (and I have the t-shirt!), but now I think I have. If you can find it, Tempest Brewery's "Long White Cloud" with NZ hops is pretty awsome...

28th Apr 2012, 10:05
SteveF the South African Castle Lager has turned into a chemically induced immediate hangover in my bilious opinion...

Still this makes up for it...



Lon More
28th Apr 2012, 10:20
I don't often drin beer these days, however my favourite would vary, place, weather , time of day etc.
It would be hard to beat a cool Berliner Weisse, with a dash of Strawberry syrup, drunk on the patio on a warm summer's evening

Most Belgian beers, with the exception of Wife Beater as favoured by the Engerlish, are also very good.

28th Apr 2012, 10:35
Suprised nobody has mentioned Carlesburg "Elephant", although after about 2-3, you can't remember drinking it.

28th Apr 2012, 10:36
Twenty odd year ago, my favourite tipple was a mixture of two, both from Marstons. Half of Pedigree mixed with half of Owd Roger. We called it Pedrod.
Very potent. Couldn't drink it now! :=

28th Apr 2012, 10:52
Suprised nobody has mentioned Carlesburg "Elephant", although after about 2-3, you can't remember drinking it. In my youth,I once spent a night alternating Carlsburg Elephant beers with shots of Benedictine :uhoh: Very stupid thing to do.

28th Apr 2012, 11:24
In the bar in the old Copenhagen airport, I saw a guy sitting there with 9 empty cans of Elephant beer in front of him. He finished the glass, stood up and keeled over.

Which is why it is 'fallover water'.

28th Apr 2012, 16:33
Whenever I'm visiting Devon (family) I always enjoy a few pints of 'Tribute' beer. Best real ale I've ever tasted.


Uncle Fred
28th Apr 2012, 16:33
Good thread going. Interesting suggestions. I have to say that so far Sir George's entry, Joules, looks as if it is one to go out of the way for.

28th Apr 2012, 22:27
The Best Beer ?

The first one at the end of a long, tough day

If you're looking for a way to beat Bill Gates in the wealth league.. come up with a way to make the 5th beer taste as good as the first.

29th Apr 2012, 00:11
Suprised nobody has mentioned Carlesburg "Elephant", although after about 2-3, you can't remember drinking it.

There was another Carlsberg beer we were introduced to after being pasted in the traditional tug-of-war between a visiting ships team and the behemoths masquerading as brewery workers. Paske Bryg (Spring brew?). One relieved the aching limbs. Two relaxed the tight muscles. Three........

29th Apr 2012, 01:37
l think we know, according to the PR, what sailors are like.

Elephant Beer is a blast from the past, very strong but drinkable without

the gagging reflex occasioned by the £2.69 2ltr bottles of rocket fuel, l`m


Smiles Best Bitter is perfect.

29th Apr 2012, 02:33
Beer O'Clock: 10 beers that represent their country - Guinness - Travel Photo Galleries & Photography - Totaltravel (http://au.totaltravel.yahoo.com/travel-ideas/galleries/g/-/13480653/3/beer-oclock-10-beers-that-represent-their-country/)

The top 10 - apparently

29th Apr 2012, 09:14

29th Apr 2012, 11:56
If I wanted to find an absolute "best" beer, I'd go to a ratings site such as RateBeer (http://www.ratebeer.com/beer/top-50/). The top-rated beer there is the Westvleteren 12, a small Trappist ale, 10.2% ABV. One day, perhaps, when I have nothing else planned ...

I've mentioned American beers here before, such as Fat Tire (http://www.ratebeer.com/beer/new-belgium-fat-tire/424/) (Colorado), Shiner Bock & St. Arnold Fancy Lawnmower (Texas); according to RateBeer voters those are "gateway beers", not brilliant, but good for improving the palates of Americans who haven't known anything better. Snobs. :}

I don't want to become a beer snob. I don't mind admitting that a pint of Coors Draft went down very well at an Ice Hockey game in Denver. It wasn't a sophisticated beer, but it wasn't a sophisticated occasion. Neither was the party I went to with a bunch of university students last week, to which I took a 6-pack of Miller Draft bottles. It's an American brand (well, SABMiller), but brewed in the UK, and surprisingly decent as a party beer to drink from the bottle.

Possibly the oddest beer I've had here was Boon Geuze (http://www.ratebeer.com/beer/boon-geuze/4631/), a Belgian Lambic - very fizzy, but complex. I don't tend to drink much at home, but like to look for weird beers when traveling. On a business trip to the Rhône Valley in France, after a long day at work, I went through several glasses of Affligem Blonde without checking the ABV (6.8%). It was too nice, you might say - hit me a little hard - but at that time and place, that was the Best Beer. http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/src:www.pprune.org/get/images/smilies/wibble.gif

29th Apr 2012, 15:16
Being a Wiltshire lad I was fond of Ushers (long gone I'm afraid). 6X does very nicely in lieu.

29th Apr 2012, 15:25
As a Wiltshire lad, you'll also know to avoid Arkells!

29th Apr 2012, 16:36
Strongest beer I can recall tasting was some 22% special, brewed in Boston I remember, that was tried at the Great British Beer Festival at Olympia. Someone bought this (a 'nip' I think - about 1/3 pint) and we passed it round 5 of us. Then poured half of it into the bogs because no-one could stand more than a mouthful.

29th Apr 2012, 18:02
Just remembered I have a bottle of number five on the above list (Rochefort Trappistes 10) sitting around. Must find a suitable excuse to open it before it expires.

flying lid
29th Apr 2012, 18:06
Ah ! good old beer festivals, allways something good, something bad, something evil !!

I occasionally visit the annual Bent and Bongs Beer Bash at Atherton. Here is a link to this years selection in January - many, many beers from all over the UK, and some from afar.

Bent N Bongs Beer Bash (Atherton Beer Festival) (http://www.bentnbongs.com/Beers.asp)

We cannot guarantee that all beers will be available at all sessions. Once they're gone, they're gone !!!!!!!


glad rag
29th Apr 2012, 18:29
Exeter Arms in Rutland Picturesque Country Pub (http://www.exeterarmsrutland.co.uk/micro-brewery-2135.html)

take your pick, all are sublime.

Hoots Mon!

29th Apr 2012, 19:17
Trappist beer, like Rochefort, can be kept for a very long time. It's not unheard of to enjoy a decade old Trappist. Make sure to store it not too cold and standing-up.

29th Apr 2012, 19:40
As a Florida native I am somehwat limited in available beers.

I can't stand the mass produced Ameicanized beers (having traveled extensively I got spoiled very quickly overseas)

I finally found something over here that I like but difficult to get in this state

It's called Spaten Optimator (none other except the Optimator brew)

any suggestions on similar beer receipies that I might find here?

29th Apr 2012, 22:07
Have a look at this page (http://www.ratebeer.com/beer/breweries/brewers-directory-9-213.htm) for brewers in Florida, e.g. the Abbey Brewing Co. brews Trappist-style ales in Miami Beach, or there's the Intuition Ale Works in Sarasota with a huge menu. I have friends in Jacksonville, and when I go and see them I'll have a look at what's there.

30th Apr 2012, 01:31
Have a look at this page (http://www.ratebeer.com/beer/breweries/brewers-directory-9-213.htm) for brewers in Florida, e.g. the Abbey Brewing Co. brews Trappist-style ales in Miami Beach, or there's the Intuition Ale Works in Sarasota with a huge menu. I have friends in Jacksonville, and when I go and see them I'll have a look at what's there.

No need to look up who brews what. It's the taste I'm after that most closely matches the Spaten Optimator, then I'll just go out and buy it by the case.

The trouble with experimenting by myself is that I have to then throw out an awful lot of beers that don't meet my finicky criteria

30th Apr 2012, 05:18
Marston's used to take some beating if it was properly kept, tasted foul if not properly kept and served. Lucky for me the FiL of the landlord was a Master Brewer! No idea what it is like now but that was the Five Bells in Nether Wallop back in 1964/5.

Don't agree there are no good lagers in Holland, draft Oranjeboom is my favourite but I've never had any trouble with draft Amstel or draft Heineken.

30th Apr 2012, 08:42
If I may say, it seems that most people have a soft spot for the beer of their home town - their 'mother's milk', so to speak.

Notwithstanding, there is no accounting for taste. Otherwise how could they sell packaged cat's p*ss in New Zealand (Leopard Lager) and watered down industrial slurry in Victoria, Australia: Carlton Draught.

Rob Courtney
30th Apr 2012, 09:42
Try Sarah Hughes Dark Ruby Mild, don't be put off by the name its 6% ABV and a cracking drink. If not try a Russian Imperial Stout, they range anywhere from 7% to about 12%

Real ale seems to have made an amazing recovery over the last few years with the most successful pubs being the ones who stock a good range

Edit, Next time you visit Bent and Bongs Lid come over to the Lager bar and say hello!!:ok:

flying lid
30th Apr 2012, 17:11
Next time you visit Bent and Bongs Lid come over to the Lager bar and say hello!!http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/src:www.pprune.org/get/images/smilies/thumbs.gif

Will be pleased to - though I'll stick to bitter !!


Ancient Observer
30th Apr 2012, 17:18
Bruce'e Brewery used to do "Dogbolter". Best beer ever. Unfortunately, like many UK pub chains with real ale, Bruce's Brewery was taken over and lost its originality.
Having been thrown out from the Goose and Firkin, Southwark, (with others, for excessive singing) I can confirm the strengths of the ale.

1st May 2012, 12:33
Bruce'e Brewery used to do "Dogbolter". Best beer ever. Unfortunately, like many UK pub chains with real ale, Bruce's Brewery was taken over and lost its originality.
Having been thrown out from the Goose and Firkin, Southwark, (with others, for excessive singing) I can confirm the strengths of the ale.
Dogbolter! There's a blast from the past. I had a half of that some time in the mid-90s, also in one of the Firkin (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Firkin_Brewery) pubs, probably the Flower and Firkin in Kew.. It was a hot day, and this time I had checked the ABV before ordering. I left London in 1999, so I was unaware that the Firkin chain was Firked, sadly.

Even in the 90s I wasn't much of a drinker, but I did occasionally stumble upon some good stuff, such as Young's Chocolate Stout. I remember the place, too: the Founder's Arms on the South Bank. The other beer-related memory I have is when I discovered Weissbier at the Soho Brewing Company, which (naturally) was in Covent Garden, not Soho. I still like a good Weissbier to this day, such as Paulaner, but I wish they wouldn't use those silly phallic glasses. :hmm:


Rob Courtney
1st May 2012, 14:09
Next time you visit Bent and Bongs Lid come over to the Lager bar and say hello!!
Will be pleased to - though I'll stick to bitter !!


We have more than just lager, all the good Belgium beers can be found on that bar as well. I work on it so it stops me drinking too much:E

Sarah Hughes is also a Bent and Bongs regular.

1st May 2012, 15:42
I can STILL remember what a GREAT pint Boddington's Best
Bitter was before the Southern To*sers from Charringtons
moved in and RUINED the stuff.
People should have been shot for that crime against Humanity.

Ancient Observer
1st May 2012, 15:52
I agree about the Boddingtons.
Another one completely farqed by the Beancounters was Hartleys.
Robinsons bought hartleys, and only kept the brewery going long enough for them to steal the good bits of the brand. What is currently called Hartleys is tinted water.

1st May 2012, 16:07
When I were a lad one of the school governers was Mr Duncan Boddington, and as one got older and had time to loaf around in the library it was not uncommon to be summoned to deliver an envelope to Mr Boddington around the corner at the brewery.
One always received the best ever pint of boddies at the gatehouse for your trouble. there is always :
as a substitute. one of the very few things I miss as an exiled Salfordian in Spain. or even :


Not quite as good but better than San Miguel or Cruzcampo !

4th May 2012, 20:23
Hicks Special Draft - HSD - a lovely smooth dark real ales, full flavour.

Consiton Real Ale - another smooth dark ale

4th May 2012, 20:29
Question. Lately I've been in the mood for a good, clean and smooth British Ale. Now, being in the US of A we don't get a huge selection of imported British Ales. I often see Boddington and Old Peculiar but not much of anything else.

Any suggestions on aforementioned clean, smooth British Ale?

4th May 2012, 20:38
I quite like Hobgoblin. I'm not sure if anyone else has mentioned it before.

Rob Courtney
5th May 2012, 02:47
Hobgoblin is a great beer but its ABV has come down of late on draught but not in bottles. Try Jennings Snecklifter, its similar to Hobgoblin but there more of a caramel taste to it.

5th May 2012, 03:13
Timothy Taylors Landlord anyone.........

5th May 2012, 05:18
Best beer of all?

The one I'm not paying for!

5th May 2012, 07:37
the one in a busy bikers' pub yesterday was good, too. The place looked kinda scary at first, but the beer was fresh from the tap, as expected. As not to risk a stale one, in a pre-season quiet seaside place.

5th May 2012, 08:19
The most interesting beer I have had was in Tianjin, China. In the city's previous life it had been called Tientsin and had British, Frence, German and other nationalities' enclaves. The German enclave had a large brauhaus where beer was brewed on site.
It closed up during the troubles from 1937 until it started again in the middle 90s. Two excellent beers; one dark and one blonde served in foaming litre glasses.
That was in 1998. Probably a forty floor office block now.

Beaver man
5th May 2012, 13:05
As my Old Man said, "There's no such thing as a bad beer, it's just that some are better than others!".

Marston's was great, until some other company took them over.

Church End Brewery produce a cracking pint.

Some of the better "Foreign" beers...Grolsch, Warsteiner (AKA Wobbley), Herforder, and Tsing Tao. Draught Tiger isn't too bad either!!

Lon More
5th May 2012, 16:15
Heli-Cal wrote I first discovered Directors at the Lamb and Flag in Rose Street, Covent Garden in the late 70's
If you'd been a few years earlier, as in Edinburgh's Rose Street, you might have discovered something else :eek::eek:
The name is probably linked to the Dutch "Rosse" rather than Roses :uhoh:

Uncle Fred
11th Jul 2012, 22:35
Well, well, well. It seems as if London is enjoying a renaissance in beer. This article from 11 July's edition of the New York Times has some very good things to say about brewing in the Metropolis. Hope springs eternal!

Brewing a New Beer Scene in London - NYTimes.com (http://travel.nytimes.com/2012/07/08/travel/brewing-a-new-beer-scene-in-london.html?src=dayp)

12th Jul 2012, 03:07
..check out one of the local breweries, Anchor Brewing Co, in a historic but off the beaten tourist trail area, Potrero Hill.

They do free brewery tours and tastings though you need to book in advance (weekday afternoons only), Tour is about 45-mins then into the tasting room for free beer - and very good free beer too!

Anchor Brewing | Brewery | Our History (http://www.anchorbrewing.com/brewery/our_history)

Makes a change from the obligatory Fisherman's Wharf & Cable Car trip!