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26th Apr 2012, 00:31
I have lost all my old saved emails (the important ones you need to keep) on 2 occassions now, when my computer HD has has to be reformatted and Windows reinstalled.
I have been looking at hpow best to backup my emails on a separate backup hard drive.
I am currently using Thunderbird, and previously used Windows Live, and Outlook.
Can anyone suggest:
1. The best program to allow me to backup and easily retrieve emails (preferable when retrieved thay will look same as original)O
2. Any tricks to backing up emails.

If, as I suspect it is easy and I am just too stupid to know how to do this, I apologise for my computer naivity. I have looked and Googled but still can't find a way that just has the emails on the backup hard drive


26th Apr 2012, 02:40
I use Thunderbird and backup several computers E-mails at least twie a year (in fact just today)

Depending on your OS I search for the Thunderbird data folder

Under my ID on the computer I look for "app data" (A hidden file so unhide it) then "thunderbird-Profiles and after selecting the right profile (if you have more than one like I do for the wife) then the folder "mail" then the folder in "mail" that contains your most recent entries by date e.g. "in box" This confirms that I am in the correct mail program if there are more than one to choose.

I then copy this "mail" folder to my backup location. If I am copying it to another computer with an existing mail folder I usually delete that folder first so I don't duplicate unwanted files. Of course you may find it better to you interests to simply copy over an existing 'mail" folder and sort out the scrrappage later.

Mac the Knife
26th Apr 2012, 05:31
If you use Outlook then there is a backup add-in.

Download: Outlook 2007/2003/2002 Add-in: Personal Folders Backup - Microsoft Download Center - Download Details (http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?displaylang=en&id=9003)


Milo Minderbinder
26th Apr 2012, 11:27
Set your email to use IMAP not POP3 and then the problem goes away

26th Apr 2012, 11:37
As you're using Thunderbird, MozBackup may do what you want.

26th Apr 2012, 21:46
Any program that backs up your Windows User Profile should do it.

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