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25th Apr 2012, 17:09
Hello Everyone,

I have been offered a place with flydubai as an engineer (entry level). I am looking to start work soon. However, I am unclear on what the employee benefits/perks are - I will eventually find out I suppose, but if I have a good idea what is standard then I should be able to bargain for a better deal hopefully.

I am still under the impression that it is part of Emirates,even though I've been led to believe otherwise. The actual website contains no information about such benefits or perks so I am guessing it would be in line with Emirates staff?

I would like to know in terms of:

Relocation Allowances
Travel concessions (big on this!)
Any other allowance.

Many thanks in advance! :) :ok:

31st May 2013, 23:38

did you join flydubai?? if yes, can we have a word from you regarding your above questions? it would be great if you could help other hopefuls who wants to join?


Voodoo 3
1st Jun 2013, 09:18
The original post was over a year ago but since 89 asks.....

Whilst I do not know what the T's n C's are for an engineer, I can be sure that you will not be able to 'bargain' for better. It'll be a case of if you want this position you can have it, if not then you're welcome to go elsewhere. Can you imagine if we could all barter for better conditions and how it would lead to relations with your fellow workers if some got better than was standard?

Emirates help start up flydubai in the very early days using their HR and engineering staff amongst others but now we are a stand alone airline.

You will be entitled to discount travel with EK although I am not sure if that is in J or not. We have our own perks but they will not be in line with EK.

Sure someone else will be able to give more info from the engineering department.

2nd Jun 2013, 06:58
I am not fully aware of full T&C's for engineers, but I will list what I have heard.

1) housing AED 8,000 PCM
2) schooling, not a clue.
3) transport, not a clue
4) staff travel, 50% of listed fare for confirmed seat NB only six seats available for flight. EK, probably economy class ID's, watch out on busy sectors FZ is very much in the 'other airlines' group with regard to boarding priority.

That's all I think I know, standing by to be corrected.

8th Jun 2013, 13:00
Thanks everyone. What about overtime pay?

8th Jun 2013, 17:47
Overtime pay !!!! Are you joking ?
There is no overtime here , they make you fly to the legal limit.
And if you approach the legal limit , instead of giving you days off or leave days they make you fly almost a normal roster but with the shortest flights available , so you are coming to the airport 15 times for around a 40 hours total time get your 8 legal days off and the rest will be standby days or available days....

Non rev
8th Jun 2013, 20:41
He is not a pilot. ^^^^

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