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24th Apr 2012, 09:49
Being on the less than average fitness side I have recently been getting up early and walking, even a little jogging....I happened to notice the local Police citizens Youth club had refurbished their Gym.

Now I cannot really ever see myself in a gym, but I did notice they had a Boxercise class....go on, step out of your comfort zone Fleigs, put down that cheeky little Beaujolais and go along....

Right now my forearms are propped up on the table, having had them lifted there individually by Mrs Fliegs.....I am unable to lift them myself, they appear to have seized.....I am not sure how I'll feel tomorrow, suspect I'll be somewhat delicate, but not in the more familiar hungover delicate, more like may I have a wheelchair and an IV drip please....

Seriously it does feel good, in a sore kinda way....and there was another new girl there too, Azlyn, so we paired up....which is nice, cos it sure is daunting to stand there amongst the beautiful people looking like I do (not obese mind, but not 'fit' either!) I told Mrs Fliegs about Azlyn as soon as I got home to make sure there would be no awkward surprises later on, cos I will go back....

Takan Inchovit
24th Apr 2012, 09:54
Good onya, might have to see if there is a local one 'oop north'.

24th Apr 2012, 13:14
No pain, no gain.

tony draper
24th Apr 2012, 13:19
You need to be fit to take up keeping fit.:rolleyes:

24th Apr 2012, 13:21
The secret for comfortable muscle building is less weight, more repetitions. And a good stretch before and after. Every day.

As far as Boxercising is concerned, go and see Mr Porsche. They make a nice one.

24th Apr 2012, 13:23
Sorry I misread it "Boxersize" - thought you needed help as to
what size jocks you were after.

I'll hold on to yer cheeky little Beaujolais Fliegs and watch you
work out.

If you collapse from a heart attack can I keep the bottle? ;)

24th Apr 2012, 13:34
Personally I prefer Sexercise with the Mrs. No sore muscles afterward. (Maybe a sore shmeckel after a marathon but, hey, that's the price to pay!)

24th Apr 2012, 13:45
I told Mrs Fliegs about Azlyn as soon as I got home to make sure there would be no awkward surprises later on, cos I will go back....

careful with that, there are cases...


24th Apr 2012, 14:22
No pain, no gain.

Not so, RGB, I can gain weight painlessly. It's losing it again that hurts. ;)

24th Apr 2012, 14:26
that may be, MagnusP, but if you gain some extra weight then you need to take part in daily Sexercise. As long as you haven't gained so much weight where you can't see your schmeckel anymore, a daily romp in the sack will keep the poundage at bay!!!!

24th Apr 2012, 14:29
As long as you haven't gained so much weight where you can't see your schmeckel anymore, a daily romp in the sack will keep the poundage at bay!!!!

Besides which, in those circumstances, it's twice as big and there are two of us looking for it. :}

24th Apr 2012, 14:33
Sorta like the Search for the Red Oktober, eh MagnusP?!!!!!!

24th Apr 2012, 14:42
You need to be fit to take up keeping fit

Too bluddy right !

The trouble with jogging is, by the time you realise you're not up to it, it's too far to walk back.


24th Apr 2012, 14:45
Only if we're playing in the bath, RGB!

24th Apr 2012, 15:09
Playing in the bath, MagnusP?

I have no room for the Mrs. whilst taking a bath.

I only have room for:


Loose rivets
24th Apr 2012, 18:15
Late 20's and fed by airlines as they used to be. Smoked fine Cuban cigars. Tried to run to the farmland just 100 yards from my door. Terrible. I'd do better now.

Went back to Judo after a break of 8 years. Nearly killed me. Remember sitting on one of the benches looking kind of . . . dead, and people would keep coming up to me and asking if I wanted to play. I was wearing a green belt, so they assumed I could stand up. I remember my mentor explaining to them why I couldn't speak.

Anyway, after about two months, it was coming back. Twenty pounds of ugly fat had gone (I'd had me head chopped off.:p ) and was feeling good. Kept the training up, if not the contest, until I was nearly 60, then me bits started to fail. Sad that. Really miss running, but back's too hurty.

Still, even now, if I see a challenging set of steps, I run up them. For some reason that doesn't hurt me back. At Walton, the 50' climb to the flat was via 113 steps. Here, there is nothing but flatness apart from speedbumps. Hate it. Hate getting old.

However, a mate of mine that used to lie down at the first sign of wanting to exercise, is now the fittest of me and all my contemporaries. Bloody annoying. :*

24th Apr 2012, 19:33
Fliegenmong, you can expect your arms to hurt like hell tomorrow, then by the next day you will feel like your muscles have seized up completely (pain will be worse too). Do NOT do exercises involving your arms during this time, because it will damage them more than make them stronger.

When the pain has completely gone, it means your muscles have repaired slightly bigger and slightly stronger than they were before. After a few weeks, the time it takes for them to repair will gradually reduce. This is the long, slow and painful path to muscle building!

It's perfectly normal, and when that pain has disappeared after a few days (could be over a week if you haven't exercised them properly for a while), it's safe to continue :)

24th Apr 2012, 20:16
Boxercise? Great fun. Bro does it all the time (variants there of). He's lost a heap of weight and got fit in the mean time.

I do pad work with the personal trainer. For strength work we use the TRX straps. :ok: Amongst other things.

Good effort, keep it up. :D

Ghost Vector
25th Apr 2012, 01:01
Natural born leader I can tell!

25th Apr 2012, 01:22
Natural born leader Ha ha, thanks but I doubt I could lead a pack of starving wolves to fresh meat!
Slash, yes I hope to drop a Boxer size
Thanks for your kind words all, I'm actually feeling really pretty good this morning, though I failed to get up for the dawn Anzac service, which is something I ordinarily never miss if I'm here...I slept well...
People tell me the second day is worse...we'll see...they do a spin class on a Thursday morning....see how I feel....:}

26th Apr 2012, 11:43
I did it, I did the 'spin' class! I kept up with a few of the Gold Coast Titans cheer girls, I spent the rest of the day walking around as though I have been arse raped by a silverback gorilla, but I made it! I made It!......Swimming tomorrow, gentle distance swim, in the cool early morning pre winter dawn....

26th Apr 2012, 20:15
Not even going to explain to SWMBO who laughing at the Silverback vision....

Had a recent checkout as been a while since done soem strenuous exercise, they told me everything already knew:(, time to get the exercise routine in.

Solid Rust Twotter
27th Apr 2012, 04:26
Can't do the weight stuff or other gym bunny routines as I find it boring and pointless. Prefer a workout on the speedball then a couple of strenuous minutes on the heavy bag blowing the dust out. Unfortunately few gyms except dedicated boxing gyms keep such equipment.

Loose rivets
27th Apr 2012, 04:31
Prefer a workout on the speedball then a couple of strenuous minutes on the heavy bag

So do I, but I wouldn't dare call her heavy. :p

Solid Rust Twotter
27th Apr 2012, 05:03
Keeps you on your toes, I'll bet....:E

27th Apr 2012, 09:48
SRT this gym has a dedicated boxing room to one side

1st May 2012, 12:16
OK, made it trough another one! More boxing this time, more punching therapy
I feel good, still way overweight but getting fitter by the week! :)

DX Wombat
1st May 2012, 12:39
No pain, no gain.Not necessarily so. You could always earn a penny or two shelf-stacking for a local supermarket. ;)

1st May 2012, 14:09
I experienced my first hit of "primary exertion headache". Bloody hell. OW OW OW. Perhaps I should have breathed out some more but OW.
It arises from exertion and holding your breath. You can get it straining on the dunny too. The blood pressure rises a lot hence the headache.

Therefore, doing big weights, especially above your head while you have high blood pressure is particularly dangerous.

Only way to bring the bp down was to do a spot of cardio. ;)

15th May 2012, 12:57
Did my 4th class tonight!, it doesn't get easier, but I guess you get better.....but I'm hurting now anyway!

I am looking better though :) And ain't that hitting the bag some therapy!! 30 second shoulder height punching then 30 seconds sustained squat, 30 seconds upper cut punches, 10 push ups, thirty seconds 'hay maker' punches 30 seconds sustained squat, repeat 3 times and then 100 shoulder punches, stop and hold bag for partner, 100 upper cut punches, stop and hold bag for partner, 100 'Hay makers' ...must throw close to 500 punches in 15 mins, after the cardio / weight part!

no wonder I'm cream crackered!

15th May 2012, 13:00

Excellent progress. I'm sure you feel better for it as well.

Now. Once you get to 100 push-ups in under 2 minute please get back to me and tell me how that worked out!!!!!

15th May 2012, 14:08
Oh RG, that hurt, and you'd guess I'm miles away from 100 in two minutes, 10 in a row is a goal in fact :ouch: .....pathetic sure, but I have Evander Holyfield knocking Tyson into submission as motivation....and that is useful............:zzz:

15th May 2012, 14:16
You're doing well Fliegenmonk, I was merely joking.

Once you get to 10 in a row, set your sights on 15 in a row. Then 20.
then 25......

16th May 2012, 04:47
Why not try this one with Mrs.Fliegs.
"Darling there is this woman Azlyn in my exercise class, she can"t wrestle ,but you should see her box.;)"

16th May 2012, 11:09
Like the woman weightlifter with the fantastic snatch?

26th Nov 2013, 11:52
Looking back through old posts I found this....

Having near killed myself the first few classes I'm up to 7 hours a week now!! :):)

I am really proud of how I am going...

Monday night is a class called fitness fusion, varies widely in content, it can be and is often anything (sprinting, chin-ups, squats, throwing a medicine ball thing , kettle bell things, torturous ab work etc etc)

Tuesday night is the Boxercise class 18:00 to 19:00, followed by a pump class from 19:00 to 20:00 ... that finds me here completing 3 hours thus far far and sipping on some lovely wine, whilst I recover ;)

In the morning (Wed) Boxercise again, but this time with a very infectious young kid, whose enthusiasm knows no bounds, he is actually a boxer, and his classes are HARD!!

Wed night, 'Combat' class, which is really high cardio, kinda high energy dance class really, throw lots and lots of punches and kicks into the air...this one really makes you sweat a hell of a lot!!

Thursday night Boxercise again, similar, but different to Tuesday night...

Friday Morning Boot camp., including running up and down stadium stairs with a 4kg weight above your head, every step at a time, and then every second step at a time, back to every step at a time, followed by walking lunges with weights and all manner of painful sweaty stuff!

So having gone from struggling to make one class, and the idea of 'backing up' again within 12 hours, sometimes 10.impossible, I've made it to 7 hours a week!! (Including the odd 3.3 k swim, conditions permitting on the weekend)

I have been enjoying the many many comments re how much weight I have lost....but reality is the weight is still there, but more so in muscle tone rather than fat.......fat still around the middle...I suspect that is the grog that needs be imbibed to cope wit the Oz Hamster wheel! Ha ha :p

26th Nov 2013, 14:01
I have been using a gym once a week. It's working, because I have shed five kilos of flab so far, but fun it is not.

I start on a stationary bike, to warm up. One of my wife's friends keeps me company, sometimes, but she goes like a fiend, "zizz-zizz-zizz," while my bike makes "blaah-blaah-blaah" noises. V. humiliating, that.

I then do this "circuit training" on machines that have little knobs to set the degree of resistance, from 1 to 11. Just like a Nigerian amplifier, that. I sit down and look at the little knobs to find them all in, set at 11, when I have to drop back to 8, max. Bah. More humiliation.

Oh well... it's a very good reality check!

13th Apr 2014, 07:47
'True Grit'...

TRUE GRIT - Military Inspired Obstacle Course (http://www.truegrit.com.au/)

They're a great bunch we train with.....and I'd like to think I could accomplish it....but....well.....hmmm...:ooh:

13th Apr 2014, 12:51
Has been intreresting reading this as never did the exercise I promised I was going to do until
Christmas in UK was wet and managed to drive car into a flood, still not got it back but mechanic is working on it in spare time.

However since Christmas I have walked everywhere, now weather is better we cycle including to Mass every Sunday, got told off for setting bad example as didn't wear lid, kids were so just added it.
Have lost some weight but definitely know I am fitter.
Easy enough to hire a car for 30-40 a day when needed which to be fair isn't much.

Possibly may get rid of car if get it back and do daily hires when needed.
Means no tax, insurance, servicing, tyres, etc required so that is a 1000 a year saving and get a new car each time I need one. Car hire people used to seeing me now and can have a car within 2 hrs if required........if need big car just get it easily, if small then likewise.

13th Apr 2014, 18:58
Great thread. :)
I am seeing the results from the personal trainer's efforts and the cycling :D :ok:

13th Apr 2014, 19:29

Before and after photos would be nice ;)

13th Apr 2014, 23:03
racedo... dirty old man :}

Ahem, back on topic.

mini has been somewhat scatter gun in his sports focus...


Boxing, the ultimate test of character, nowhere to hide, training is tough, really tough, but character building, extreme discipline. weight targets sap energy. Got KO'd once, interesting experience...

Rugby, every bit as hard in terms of effort, team focussed - most of them couldn't be arsed TBH. Gained three stone as a flanker...

Vote goes to rugby, shed loads of beer and... won't mention the rest :}

Toughest sport I've ever been involved with is cycle racing, all serious pain, serious serious pain, and no chicks.

14th Apr 2014, 09:35
Ah Mini.....I have not, and will not ever 'hop into the ring' as such.....but the training we do is similar, pad work, heavy bags etc etc. thi is mixed with 'Fitness Fusion' classes, Outdoor Training / boot camp classes, 'Pump' classes., and though I did miss the class tonight.....I generally put in about 6 to 8 hours a week....

But I still wonder if I would be able to accomplish this....
....TRUE GRIT - Military Inspired Obstacle Course (http://www.truegrit.com.au/) ..... come July (July being Oz winter mind you, but I am fairly cold water tolerant, jumping in the pool as I do twice a day throughout the winter months, or for what passes as winter months in SEQ! :})

14th Apr 2014, 11:01
racedo... dirty old man :}

Ahem, back on topic.

You say that almost like its a bad thing ;)

14th Jul 2014, 02:04
So I made it....below is footage from last years event......


That water was COLD!, And I'm sore today....but pretty chuffed to say that out of our group...I won! :)

My assignment was to bring wine......I took champagne and plastic flutes, and post race we were into it!...:D ...... so much so that our dear gym/boxing/fitness instructor 'hurled' about 6 times on the way home....thankfully Mrs Fliegs was persuaded to leave the fire side and drive the poor woman home! :ouch: That left me and the rest of the 'single mum club' to keep drinking....she is so trusting darling Mrs Fliegs!

So, the rest of us are 'piss fit' as well, not poor old *****. Upshot is that she has 5 kids, and lives an hour out in the country, 3 of the 5 start new schools today......her van to transport all said children is parked at the GYM not far from here....guess who couldn't sleep worrying about getting her car to her in time??:ugh:

We have a large drinking culture here don't we?..... Not necessarily a good thing I know, but a great 'bonder'....and we was thirsty after all that exercise!! :ok: