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22nd Apr 2012, 06:56
Found this in my PM's this morning, has anybody else received one.

Hi;i am miss Mirabel,.After coming across your profile today;i was moved and i'm interested in you.you see;Distance is not a barrier of True Love.Upon this,i wish to establish an intimate relationship with you.Reply me back with my personal Email i.d:
([email protected])
;through it;i will give you my pictures for you to know whom i am.Hope to hearing from you soonest


I seem to remember another thread about this sort of thing a while back.

22nd Apr 2012, 06:59
The scam thread, perchance?

I get them in my junkmail folder on a daily basis, it can be so funny seeing the same picture on three different "profiles" and it is kinda amazing that so many people fall for the scams.

Ain't had one by PM for a while though, but I THINK there's a thread in the computer forum where you can report the users to the mods/operators/gurus/forum gods

22nd Apr 2012, 07:34
True love turns up in the most amazing places.:rolleyes:

22nd Apr 2012, 07:57
Thanks Hellsbrink, think I found the thread, and yes I belive its a scam of some sort, maybe as an old f*rt, they think I am an easy target.

22nd Apr 2012, 08:00
True love turns up in the most amazing places.

But the prices can be quite exorbitant:(

Efe Cem Elci
22nd Apr 2012, 08:32
As I mentioned in the relevant thread, I reported it to the Mods through the reporting function and apparently the person is no more on PPRUNE. I did feel like replying "I'm married, please don't try to tell me about true love..."

Sir George Cayley
22nd Apr 2012, 10:09
Let's hope she's from Nigeria, her father is President of a Bank and they need help releasing $50m from a Swiss Account:hmm:


Alloa Akbar
23rd Apr 2012, 09:47
Hey I can black-Cat that one.. I got an e-mail this morning from Col Gadaffi's daughter, filthy rich, hot as hell, and desperate to have me in her pants while she shares her wealth with me.. It's my lucky day eh?? :ok:

23rd Apr 2012, 13:46
If she looks anything like her father..... :yuk:

23rd Apr 2012, 13:55
Alloa Akbar : I'm sorry to shatter your dreams, prick your bubble, rain on your parade, piss on your chips, but there is no nice way to tell you this.

The lovely Ayisha is not being entirely truthful when she tells you that you are her only love. She has written to me and to my knowledge at least 4 of my friends around the world have been similarly fortunate. May the best man win (I won't be fighting very hard!).

Alloa Akbar
23rd Apr 2012, 15:32
Bah :* Feckin' trollop!

23rd Apr 2012, 16:04
Scamming has spread from Nigeria over West Africa. A delightful lady in Ghana has informed me that if I send her 225 by Western Union she will use said funds to buy a laptop with a webcam which she will use to show me her undoubted charms! Mrs TTN has vetoed the plan on the grounds that in the .0001 chance of said pictures arriving on my computer, I might not survive the experience!

23rd Apr 2012, 22:04
Alloa Akbar : I'm sorry to prick your bubble,

Alloa was hoping it was going to be the other way round........ ;)

23rd Apr 2012, 22:15
You lucky chaps. I never get emails like that. I clearly need to sell my Apple Mac and buy a PC.

23rd Apr 2012, 22:22
Sunnyjohn, the email was in my pm's here, not my private address, I doubt an apple could screen that. I did nearly send a reply, set up a new (free) email and send her/him/it a photo, but I could not decide between George Bush or Marty Feldman.

25th Apr 2012, 09:40
I keep getting emails from a couple of women (probably the
same scammer) saying they saw me naked on Faceb00k and
wants to get together now that her husbands are out of town
on business.
Funny. I'm not a member of Facefcuk but I've no doubt there
are probly pics of me starkers - in my younger days - floatin'
round the 'net. Scary! :bored:

25th Apr 2012, 10:13
Given that scamming/corruption is endemic in the vast majority of the world, should we just not accept it and try to beat them at their own game?

If a tax on ill gotten gains was proposed, I'm sure the authorities would embrace it ;)

25th Apr 2012, 10:28
Hmpf. I didn't get one, and feel a bit left out. What's wrong with me?

25th Apr 2012, 10:43
I've no doubt there
are probly pics of me starkers - in my younger days - floatin'
round the 'net. Scary!
You mean you haven't seen them yet?

You must be the only one who hasn't!

Alloa Akbar
25th Apr 2012, 11:00
Slasher - Why do you care how they got your pics?/ a shag is a shag right?? :ok:

Firestorm - Perhaps your "Swordsmith" reputation is putting the ladies off?? ;)

Shy't - I thought she loved me.. no, really I did.. :( Reminds me of the time I was in Guernsey as a young sailor, and this nubile blonde local lass met me in the queue for the kebab wagon (Romance eh??) and insisted I accompany her home.. I thought about how special I must be, and how she probably did fall in love with me at first sight, thereby qualifying her insatiable need to get me into bed.. Next morning whilst fetching milk for my coffee, I happened to notice her fridge door.. adorned with several dozen Squadron and unit badges from both UK and French armed forces.. God I felt such a fool.. I had left all of my "Fly Navy" stickers back at base!

25th Apr 2012, 15:41
Blonde....Guernsey? Frigidaire? Squadron stickers?...

Hi, Dad! :ok:

25th Apr 2012, 17:13
You mean you haven't seen them yet?

Well I have. And somehow I didn't think Slasher would be so...well, so... hairy.

26th Apr 2012, 02:03
All I got was a PM telling me I'm scum. Such a thin line between love and hate :{

26th Apr 2012, 04:53
I know there's definitely two floating out there in cyberspace
with me starkers dancing atop a girlie bar (for some forgotten
reason during a nightstop) pissed as a newt with my plonker
swaying in the breeze. This was waaay back in the early '90s
when the 'net was still young and quite virginal - and a week
later one of the hosties said she's posting a few pics of me on
the internet. Not caring a fcuk I said I really don't care what
she does - who's gonna see 'em other than people we already
know through this "internet" thingy?

BIG mistake! :uhoh:

26th Apr 2012, 05:39
Slasher, no doubt there will be a link on "pictures of everyone" soon.

26th Apr 2012, 05:57
Google is NOT my friend Mr R! :ouch:

Only saving grace is the pics were taken before my nickname
"Slasher" was invented (I think).

26th Apr 2012, 09:47
...pissed as a newt with my plonker
swaying in the breeze
the pics were taken before my nickname
"Slasher" was invented

Was that when your nickname was "Swinger"?

26th Apr 2012, 12:31
Slasher - Wiki (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slasher)

26th Apr 2012, 13:03