View Full Version : Upset Pax in Thomas Cook Landing at Leeds Bradford

Bishop of Hounslow
21st Apr 2012, 18:22
I see that the BBC have captured an 'interesting' crosswind landing by Thomas Cook at Leeds Bradford. My own view is that you win some and you lose some - the pilots aborted the landing and everyone lived to fight another day. Make your own minds up -

BBC News - Plane 'bounces' on Leeds runway in strong winds (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-14906539)

21st Apr 2012, 18:31
I agree. They gave it ago and aborted with a divert......happy pilots, happy engineers and management got the keys back with no problems!
I thought the Concorde landing was worse! ;)

21st Apr 2012, 18:36
What will be next? A sensational "passenger eye report of a tantalizing threat! On a crosswind landing, one undercarriage contacted ground before the other one! Carrie O. of A.: 'I was sure... we were all going to DIE!'" ?

Brave New World...

Old King Coal
21st Apr 2012, 18:38
Dare I say it, a very typical example of dumbed-down, clueless, and spineless wankers in UK society !

In counter point, here's an example of true British grit: Spitfire Ace Episode 4 Part 4 - YouTube

21st Apr 2012, 18:48
*Sigh*. Why is this even in the news?

21st Apr 2012, 18:57
This clip is dated 13 September 2011.
Not only is this not news, its old not news.

21st Apr 2012, 19:17
I imagine the poor girl is undergoing counseling,and in hot persuit of
compensayshun by now in that case

Out Of Trim
21st Apr 2012, 19:22
Non story...... :ugh:

21st Apr 2012, 19:25
Old news.

The pilot diverted to Manchester. Good job by the pilot, landing at he highest airport in England.

21st Apr 2012, 19:26
Clearly BBC news haven't typed "crosswind landing" in YouTube.