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21st Apr 2012, 11:56
I hope the Mods won't mind...

Following the success of the air ambulance fuel VAT petition (last seen at 143,682 signatures), there's another one where PPRuNers support would be welcome...

Some of us live in Listed properties - usually old places of historical and architectural interest. We are required by law to keep them in good order, and they take a lot more TLC than your average modern house. Until now, most works on them were VAT-free - but the pesky coalition sneakily changed that in the last budget (not that it was announced, just snuck in).

The 100,000 that I spent last year restoring this little cottage to its Tudor glory (more or less) would now be 120,000 with VAT, and I would have thought a bit harder about doing the work. The daft part is, if I let it fall down and build a modern property elsewhere, THAT is VAT-free as a new build.

Please sign the petition:

Save our heritage: say no to VAT on work on listed buildings - e-petitions (http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/32056)