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20th Apr 2012, 16:03
Had lunch with my father today and asked what he wanted to do on his 80th birthday in July - he said he would give it some thought.
We talked about 'stuff' and I asked if he ever thought about writing down some of his RAF experiences and he said he had started but stopped some time ago. I urged him to restart as his 'history' is unique and there was much history made during his time flying.
Prompted he said - his 8 weeks basic training was hard but very enjoyable and he was never so fit again - all eating, drill and exercise...a few 'b#####d' Corporals though. He never took an the Oath, seemed to pass him by, but did get his Commission scroll (in attic with his uniform) from his CO at some point. In the early years the aircraft he flew were outdated by the Russian fleet - they had to get within 400yds to attack - their defence was operable at 1000yds.
I want to

23rd May 2012, 14:49
We were talking at lunch today and Dad said he'd had time to start his musings and had got up to 1960! At this rate he ought to complete it in another 6 weeks!
Earlier this week my Mother [M&D no longer together] mentioned, whilst we were talking about the Royal Flypast at the weekend, that Dad flew in ER formation during the Farnborough show in the late 50's and lost a tremendous amount of weight! He was based at Leuchars at the time.
I forgot to ask him about this today so I'll have to wait and read about it.
Oh, and we're off to Duxford for his birthday!

26th May 2012, 08:19
On the Military forum there's the most interesting thread on 'Getting an RAF's Pilot's Brevet...' which has many thousands of views.

There's been several really interesting contributors, but it is being carried on by 'Danny' who flew in India in the 2WW. He is worried that he is the only one contributing 'history' at the moment.

Though your fathers' experiences are a bit later I'm sure they would fit in on that thread if you could persuade them to post - and Danny would like some support, I think.

(Some of the post have been post 2nd World War.)

26th May 2012, 08:40
Yes, please persuade your father to write down (or dictate) what he remembers. It's the small things that seemed trivial at the time which are important. I've been following the thread you mention and it's absolutely fascinating.