View Full Version : Udaan User ID Blocked: PLS HELP

19th Apr 2012, 06:33

I require help in unblocking my Udaan ID. Tried calling the DGCA Exam Helpline but no1 is piking up.. Please help.

19th Apr 2012, 07:06
it happened to me a few days ago and i guess it happens when to fail to log out of the site and simply close the window and then try logging in again immediately. go to forgot password and change it and then try logging in after a few minutes. thats it!:)

26th Jun 2012, 15:09
I'm trying to log in, it says invalid password, when i go to forgot password and enter username and email it says invalid username. What do i do? I'm pretty sure that I have entered the id correct but have forgotten the password.

26th Jun 2012, 16:08
I had the same problem too. I reset my password and tried again didn't work, I let their :mad: outdated lousy website and server cool off for a bit. After about 2hours I gave it another try and it worked for me :D.

26th Jun 2012, 18:22
just wait for 24 hrs it. you will be able to access your account, if you have forget password use recovery option .it might take some time to receive new password in email so wait for some time . don't copy paste password. don't attempt invalid user/password than 3 time it will get block again for 24 hrs.
don't use back/forward button .
user id which is computer number , use hyphen i.e. P-090...

26th Jun 2012, 21:36
Thanks guys it worked, cleared my radio aids oral :E .. n yeah i forgot that the id was my computer number, lol

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