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18th Apr 2012, 22:45
Italian museum burns artworks in protest at cuts.
From the BeeB, maybe all the rubbish will be burned and we won't have to feel guilty or inferior cause we haven't a clue what we're looking at.
Surprised that this would be allowed although in this case the artist said ok but they are talking about burning three a week.
Is it he curator's job to destroy things in his care, wouldn't have thought so.

18th Apr 2012, 22:57
Contributions are being accepted. Individual Liters or gallons of petrol are prefered.

Worrals in the wilds
18th Apr 2012, 23:40
I take it they're burning the post modern stuff, the 'three sheeps hearts perched on top of a pile of garbage' style of thing?
No problem with that. :E They seem to have the artists' permission anyway.

19th Apr 2012, 05:26
This is the artists stuff that is being burnt.....

BOURGUIGNON Séverine « Artistes « Anvers Aux Abbesses (http://www.anversauxabbesses.fr/artistes/user/bourguignon.severine)

Where do I send the matches?

Loose rivets
19th Apr 2012, 07:14
The artist is very attractive, but does she have to hold the brush in her mouth?

19th Apr 2012, 07:17
It's a pity that this happens when the price of petrol is so high, but I would like to contribute 50 litres of unleaded to burn Tracy Emin's pox ridden bed and all that therein lies, including her and the rest of her so-called 'art'.

19th Apr 2012, 08:01
It is said that good art causes the viewer to have a reaction, either good or bad, positive or negative. To restrict the definition of 'art' to classical paintings is a ridiculous notion, somewhat one-dimensional. Emin and Eminem are both artists on different tangents, some love their work and others are moved to outrage. What is ridiculous are the prices paid for seminal works, but IMHO these are often due to art being used as a tax efficient vehicle for individuals and companies.

The burning of the works of art is in itself a performance and therefore artistic expression ;)


19th Apr 2012, 08:11
The artist is very attractive, but does she have to hold the brush in her mouth?

Very attractive girl,and I quite like the paintings too, pity to burn them. I suppose if she'd been paid for them she didn't care. Now this :- Pile of coal becomes work of art (http://www.stuff.co.nz/the-press/754670/Pile-of-coal-becomes-work-of-art) is eminently (or maybe eminemtly) more suitable for burning.


19th Apr 2012, 08:16
The six months work that went in to the 12-tonne "Coal Pile" was "exceedingly difficult," A silicone material was then poured over the pile, and the subsequent mould later removed and filled with a special type of concrete... Taking the pieces of real coal out of the used mould was very tricky, he said.

So he got some coal delivered, poured silicone over it to make a mould, then filled the mould with concrete. Now he has to finish painting the concrete black, and viola! A new art installation...

God preserve us from these half-wits.

tony draper
19th Apr 2012, 08:29
The half wits are the ones who consider this shite art and worthy of a second glance.

19th Apr 2012, 08:31
Burning Man :: Welcome Home (http://www.burningman.com/)

There above is a festival well worth the visit.

tony draper
19th Apr 2012, 09:23
Dont think me bus pass would get me that far Mr C.:(

19th Apr 2012, 15:01
The burning of the works of art is in itself a performance and therefore artistic expression http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/src:www.pprune.org/get/images/smilies/wink2.gif

as is writing your name on them whlie taking a leak

19th Apr 2012, 15:36

Ancient Observer
19th Apr 2012, 17:08
The only time I ever heard a politician tell the truth was once - just once - when some Brit Poli., who had an art -type degree - said that all the conceptual art was Crap.

19th Apr 2012, 17:59
Talking of crap and 'art', Tracy Emin is on the One Show this evening.

I would rather inspect my dog's doings!

19th Apr 2012, 21:56
" I would rather inspect my dog's doings! "

Encapsulate them in clear resin and mount them on a plinth.............with a flowery description.

Then give " it " to an " exclusive London gallery " to exhibit, some culture vulture would probably buy it ................:)