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Big Bear
18th Apr 2012, 12:52
I've just been in a briefing in MB where a high-ranking civil servant complained that service personnel in her department were leaving as quickly as they could after arriving. It was pointed out to her that if you slash the allowances specifically designed to compensate military personnel for the extra cost (financial and emotional) of being separated from their loved ones and living in town, operational needs aside, that is exactly what you are going to get.

Recruiting and Retention Allowance (London) - it does exactly what it says on the tin! :ugh:


18th Apr 2012, 13:13
So the

high-ranking civil servant

has no retention ability....some leader...some motivator

Maybe she needs to have a good long look in the mirror...

...and report the failure of the allowance system.

Big Bear
18th Apr 2012, 13:49
Unfortunatley it's not just her department. The worst thing is travel. Rail costs have rocketed, but GHY has not been increased. The bottom line is that it now costs you money to work in London and have any sort of quality of life.

Before anyone asks, yes I have a posting notice in my paw


18th Apr 2012, 14:00

It's not just London I'm afraid. As I am not married, Ms M and I are quite happy as things are, I am penalised if I am posted away from home and have to live in i.e. do the weekly commute. If I were married, I wouldn't pay any accommodation charges, but as I don't have that little bit of paper, I do.

Not only is that expensive, it is divisive amongst individuals doing similar jobs in the same location. Given the near criminal rates of GYH, I calculate that I will be approx 6k out of pocket for this tour when you take GYH / fuel costs and accommodation charges into account. I am currently fighting to get a job nearer to home so I can do a daily commute. If I lose the fight, I will be away from home for a second consecutive tour and likely another 6k down - total 12k to go to work at a location not of my choosing. It will be the last tour I will be away from home for as I will probably end up leaving due to the quality of life issues associated with never being home.

I'm afraid it is the way things are these days. Allowances are ripe for the chopping, but the decisions to do so are often taken by those who can either afford to absorb the shock or are not affected. I am lucky, I can absorb the pain - for now. There are likely to be many more junior individuals who can't and will end up leaving. Part of me thinks that is entirely what the intent is at the moment. :uhoh:

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