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5th Apr 2012, 23:18
My apologies if posting in this forum is the wrong place, but it seemed like a good place to start.

A friend of a friend has been given the unenviable task of arranging a funeral for someone he used to know well. Someone has asked whether it would be at all possible to arrange a Spitfire or Hurricane to fly past shortly after the service to be held in Dorset.
Money is available to pay for this. Does anyone know whether this can be done, and if so which people or organisations might be able to arrange this ?

6th Apr 2012, 01:30
Try The Old Flying Machine Company at Duxford, They've got a Spitfire for hire!

6th Apr 2012, 07:36
Also Peter Vacher's Huri-1, google Peter Vacher:ok:

6th Apr 2012, 08:11
Also The Kent Spitfire (http://www.kentspitfire.co.uk/)

7th Apr 2012, 09:38
Many thanks to the posters above and the 2 people who sent me private messages - your help is much appreciated