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3rd Apr 2012, 16:47
A UK lecture will be given by Harrison Schmitt (Apollo 17 LMP) Oct 19th & 20th.

To buy tickets please contact Ken Willoughby directly via the website (email address therein). The event is non-profit and is organised to allow astronauts to visit the local schools in Pontefract. I'm posting this to help the organiser get the numbers required to make such an amazing event possible.

CURRENT EVENT (http://space-lectures.com/current_event_1.html)

I have already attended some of these events and found them to be well organised and inspiring.

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20th Apr 2012, 11:52
I'm slightly suprised by the limited response to this.

Can you guys give me an idea about whether or not this is interesting and why or not?

I'm trying to help the guy that organises these lectures because his interest is to inspire the youngsters at his local school. It would be a shame to look up at the night sky and loose the sense of wondering what if...


Lightning Mate
21st Apr 2012, 18:52
...night sky and loose the sense of wondering...

Maybe it's because people dismiss non-English speakers. :uhoh:

India Four Two
22nd Apr 2012, 05:42
I would certainly go if I was in the UK. Harrison Schmitt was the only geologist to visit the moon and the only Apollo astronaut who was never in the military. In order to qualify as a Lunar Module Pilot, he went through the USAF pilot training program.

Back in the 80s, I met Gene Cernan, the other member of the Apollo 17 LM crew. It was a very surreal experience, shaking hands with and talking to a man who had stood on the moon.

22nd Apr 2012, 19:44
I would certainly go if I was in the UK ditto here. These are fascinating people. Certainly a privalage to hear them talk. I attended a talk by Neil Armstrong in 2000, and yes it was awe inspiring.

I'm slightly surprised by the limited response to this. The talk by Neil Armstrong that I attended was free, here in Cyprus. What they are charging now, 60pounds, then 20pounds for a photo, but will NOT autograph the photos, God knows how much to autograph the book etc, not surprising that people are not rushing to the ticket office. This has become too money oriented. I mean, fancy pre-stating that, I will not sign photos, I will not sign books for free ! These people are heroes to so many, and the dream of an autograph is shot down in flames before they've even met their hero. I can understand personalities not signing multiple autographs to a person (selling on ebay by collectors) but a one-off to each fan is inexusable.

If you want to hear these moon astronauts talking about their experiences on the moon present day, I thoroughly recommend the dvd "In the shadow of the moon" Its absolutely fascinating.

In The Shadow Of The Moon [DVD]: Amazon.co.uk: David Sington, John Young, Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins: Film & TV

22nd Apr 2012, 20:29
I'd go but Pontefract is so far north it may as well be the moon... oh and 60 is a bit steep as I'd want to take the children. However, I second India Four Two's comments as to the interest in Schmitt as unique amongst the Apollo astronauts.

PS Brian Cox tweeted about this earlier today so I doubt ticket sales will be a problem

23rd Apr 2012, 07:17
As cyflyer says 60 no thanks. I recently went to a lecuture by the English astronaut and that was free, very good and he would sign anything.

India Four Two
23rd Apr 2012, 16:09
I hadn't seen the price. :eek: I don't think I would go, even if I was in the UK.

25th May 2012, 16:55
I came across this, which i thought was brilliant. Some idiot is hassling Buzz Aldrin and eventually Buzz punches him in the face. Way to go Buzz !

Bart Sibrel Being Hooked by Buzz Aldrin (Apollo 11) - YouTube