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29th Mar 2012, 20:35
Bibliographic information
Title Seven pilots
Author Charles Graves
Publisher Hutchinson & co. ltd., 1943

Now Digitised 21 Sep 2007
Length 176 pages

I found this in an old pile of books from my Dad
A 1943 true as fiction story of 7 wartime pilots.
Its available in google digital format or from old time WW2 bookshops there are some around.

It tells some amazing stories, how about a Sunderland shooting down a ME109
And life of a Sunderland crew and how they swapped the four depth charges on the port runners to the stb runners as the port bomb cct had failed. They man handled the depth charges whilst in flight being shot at by an enemy sub. Then the boss carried out a successful attack. They were in contact with the surfaced sub for something like 3 hours. The sub was then attacked by 3 Hudsons……
The pictures are real and written in 1943 style…. Excellent book.

Have you been observing the Moon, Jupitor and Venus this week, not forgeting Mars and Saturn as well.