View Full Version : Aerodynamics Malaga.

26th Mar 2012, 09:57
Just a quick question, has anyone renewed their MEIR here, are they good or bad or any advice would be appreciated.

Ive heard of a lot of people going to them because its cheaper but dont know anyone personally.

26th Mar 2012, 14:21
Does what it says on the tin - avoid Spain generally when public holidays hove into view. Especially Easter. You will have a great time but feast days extend into weeks!

26th Mar 2012, 18:55
I did my renewal there last November and all went well. Good setup and instructors. Best do it sooner as it can get rather hectic flying into AGP in Summer! Only gripe is you don't find out the schedule for tomorrow until the night before. Groundschool and airport both reachable by bus and train too so it's easy to get around.

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