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eastern wiseguy
25th Mar 2012, 19:10
I have an elderly American relative who was a B-17 navigator during WW2(he is 95)

I am visiting him in a few weeks time and would like to take him a book which would be relevant to that period.

USAF/RAF....Navigator...WW2 bombing campaign.

Would any Ppruners have any suggestions?

Thanks Folks:ok:

25th Mar 2012, 19:14
Playboy ,or Readers Wives....?and a Nurse..

25th Mar 2012, 20:47
A Real Good War by Sam Halpert would be an excellent choice.
He was a B17 navigator and his memoirs are thinly disguised as fiction. A superb read.
Try that well-known South American river for a copy.
ISBN-10: 0941072304
ISBN-13: 978-0941072304

eastern wiseguy
25th Mar 2012, 21:27
Sycamore...he is well fixed in that regard! My sister in law is younger than me!! :ok:

Thanks Stevef ...I will have a look at that....any more?

25th Mar 2012, 22:05
Perhaps I could also suggest he thinks about contributing his reminiscences in the Military Aircrew Forum in the "Gaining an RAF pilot's brevet in WW2"?

There's a wealth of info for him to absorb and it would be a desperate shame if those memories were to be lost without being recorded. Not providing those memories diminishes the sacrifice of those that can no longer have their own memories kept alive.

Do your best to encourage him, it would be of great interest to compare USAAF training with RAF and also daylight versus night bombing....

25th Mar 2012, 22:14
I have a copy of this book => Amazon.com: The Fall of Fortresses: A Personal Account of the Most Daring, and Deadly, American Air Battles of World War II (9780399123726): Elmer Bendiner: Books

I picked it up for peanuts at a car boot sale.

I'd be happy to sent it to you. PM me if you'd like it.


26th Mar 2012, 13:24
Eastern Wiseguy,

Try "No moon tonight" by Don Charlwood, "Luck and a Lancaster" by Harry Yates, and "Lancaster Target" by Jack Currie. All from an RAF perspective, the first from a New Zealand (possibly Australian?) navigator.

"8th Air Force" by Donald L Miller is a good read. From the other side, "Eagles Wings" by Hajo Hermann is a riveting read. The "Wilde Sau" operations albeit against RAF night bombers is startling.

Be careful though; many years ago, I flew an ex-B17 navigator round his old base at Nuthampstead in a 172. He was visiting England for the first time since active service, having recently retired. The trip unlocked emotions he'd bottled up since completing his tour and was very difficult for him.


27th Mar 2012, 19:26
One Wing High - Harry Lomas (a navigator's story in a Halifax)

Navigator's Log - Jack Rodgers (a tour in Bomber Command)