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25th Mar 2012, 14:40
A contemporary of mine has just asked a question that our failing grey cells between them cannot answer.

Who was CFI at Ternhill from 1969-71 -ish? We think it was the one immediately after Cedric Symons, but before John Lobley - don't know if more than one fit that bill, or only one between those two.

I can see him in mind's eye; slightly built chap with pencil moustache, ex-night fighter I think. But that could be memory playing tricks, as it increasingly does, and could describe someone entirely different!

Must be someone out there who can recall ......??

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Cornish Jack
25th Mar 2012, 17:03
See Mil.
Is that enough to satisfy the site word minimum?

25th Mar 2012, 17:59
And thanks here too!

26th Mar 2012, 08:38
From John Lobley:

I was CFI from 1 Oct 75 - 30 Sep 77, which covered the move to Shawbury in 1976. My immediate predecessor was Rod Mundy (who might fit the description), but his tour would have been circa 1972 -1975. I don't know who came before him. My successor was Ron Sivewright. Thus the mystery remains. My two station commanders - both helicopter men - were David Toon and Peter Wilson, though I don't know if either of them had done an earlier tour as CFI at Tern Hill. On balance, Rod Mundy would seem to be a contender.

26th Mar 2012, 12:52
Thanks John - Mil Forum provided the answer, it was before Munday, it was Frank Barnes. But you were still a Hunter pilot/desert warrior then ......